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¶  1 is 2 Many PSA on Campus Sexual Assault [T] [A] [V]

¶  Aaron Swartz: Freedom to Connect Conference on SOPA [T] [V]

¶  Abbott & Costello: Who's on First [T] [V]

¶  Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani: Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani: El Al Flight 973 Arrival Ceremony Address [T] [A] [V]

¶  Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan: Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Abraham Lincoln: Speech on the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise [T]

¶  Abraham Lincoln: A House Divided [T]

¶  Abraham Lincoln: Cooper Union Address [T]

¶  Abraham Lincoln: First Presidential Inaugural Address [T]

¶  Abraham Lincoln: "Gettysburg Address" [T] [A]

¶  Abraham Lincoln: Second Presidential Inaugural Address [T]

¶  Abraham Ribicoff: Nomination of George McGovern [T] [V]

¶  Abraham Sinkov: 1930 Interview Excerpt on Cryptology [T] [A]

¶  Academy Awards Acceptance Speeches *** [T]

  Adam Schiff: House Intel Statement on Russian Active Measures [T] [A] [V]

  Adam Schiff: On House Intel Republicans' Call to Resign Chairmanship [T] [A] [V]

  Adlai Stevenson: 1952 Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  Adlai Stevenson: Campaign Speech for John F. Kennedy [T] [A]

  Adlai Stevenson: U.N. Address on Soviet Missiles in Cuba [T] [A] [V]

  Adlai Stevenson: U.N. Memorial Address for John F. Kennedy [T] [A] [V]

  Adlai Stevenson: U.N. Memorial Address for Eleanor Roosevelt [T] [A]

  Adrien Brody: Oscar Award Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  African American Speeches/Speakers ("American RadioWorks") [T] [A]

  Ahmed Zewail: Caltech Commencement Address [T] [A]

  Ajit Pai: FCC Statement Supporting Internet Freedom Restoration Order [T] [A] [V]

  Ajit Pai: Remarks on US 5G Deployment [T] [A] [V]

  Alan Cayetano: 2019 SEA Games Opening Ceremony Speech [T] [V]

  Alan Simpson: Eulogy for George H.W. Bush  [T] [A] [V]

  Albert Del Rosario: To the Permanent Court of Arbitration on South China Sea [T]

  Albert Einstein: On the Political Aftermath of the Atomic Bomb [T] [A]

  Alexander H. Stephens: Cornerstone Confederate Speech [T]

  Alexandr Solzhenitsyn: Harvard Commencement Address [T] [A] [V]

  Alexandra Kerry: 2004 DNConvention Address [T] [V]

  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: First Floor Speech Before Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Al Gore: Columbine Memorial Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Al Gore: 1996 DNConvention Address [V]

  Al Gore:  2000 Concession Speech [T] [A]

  Al Gore: 2004 Democratic National Convention Speech [T] [V]

  Al Gore: Address on the Constitution at Constitution Hall [T] [V]

  Al Gore: Nobel Lecture [T] [V]

  Al Gore: 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Alma Powell: Grad Nation Campaign Announcement [T] [A] [V]

  Al Mohler: Justice Sunday Address at Highview Baptist Church [T] [A]

  Al Sharpton: 2004 DNConvention Address [T] [A]

  Amanda Gorman: Poem Reading at 59th Presidential Inauguration [T] [A] [V]

  America and the Courts Archive (C-Span) [V]

¶  American Archive of Public Broadcasting *** [A] [V]

¶  American Leaders Speak: 1918-1920 *** [A]

¶  American Memory Collection (key=speeches) *** [T]

¶ YouTube Channel [V]

¶  Amy Coney Barrett: USSC Nomination Acceptance Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Amy Coney Barrett: USSC Swearing-in Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Amy Poehler: Harvard University Commencement Address [T] [V]

  Andre Agassi: On Stephanie Graf's Tennis Hall of Fame Induction [T] [V]

  Andre Agassi: Farewell to Tennis at the U.S. Open [T] [V]

  Andre Agassi: International Tennis Hall of Fame Induction Speech [T] [V]

  Angela Merkel: Harvard University Commencement Address (English) [T] [V]

  Angela Merkel: Harvard University Commencement Address (Deutsche) [T] [V]

  Angela Merkel: Address to the Nation on the Novel Coronavirus (English) [T] [V]

  Angela Merkel: Pre-Easter Speech on Novel Coronavirus Measures [T] [V]

  Angelina Grimke Weld: Speech at Pennsylvania Hall [T]

  Angelina Jolie: Speech at an Interfaith Iftar Reception [T] [A] [V]

  Anita Hill: Senate Judiciary Testimony on Clarence Thomas [T] [A] [V]

  Anna Howard Shaw: The Fundamental Principle of a Republic [T]

  Ann Dunwoody: Speech at Promotion to 4-Star General Ceremony [T] [A] [V]

  Ann Dunwoody: Press Q&A on 4-Star General Promotion [T] [A] [V]

¶  Ann Richards: 1988 Democratic National Convention Address [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Speech on Transatlantic Cooperation at the Hertie School [T] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: First Speech to Staff as U.S. Secretary of State [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: First Press Briefing as U.S. Secretary of State [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: "A Foreign Policy for the American People" [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Joint Press Statement with Benjamin Netanyahu [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Address to the National Security Commission [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Press Briefing on Evacuation Efforts in Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: On Concluding the Withdrawal from Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Opening Statement to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Remarks on the Passing of SecState Colin Powell [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Address at Universidad San Francisco de Quito [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: On Modernizing American Diplomacy [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Press Conference with Dmytro Kuleba [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Press Remarks Following NATO 2021 Ministerial [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Berlin Speech on Russian Aggression Against Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: UN Security Council Speech on Russian Threat to Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Joint Presser with Dmytro Kuleba on Russian Incursion into Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Berlin Press Conference on NATO Support of Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: On the U.S. Approach to the People's Republic of China [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antony Blinken: Press Conference at KfW Bank in Berlin [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antonin Scalia: On American Exceptionalism [T] [A] [V]

¶  Antonin Scalia: On Realism and the Religion Clauses of the Constitution [T] [A]

¶  Apollo 11 Moon Landing [A]

  Arlen Specter: Final Senate Floor (Farewell) Speech [T] [A]

  Army-McCarthy Hearings: "No Sense of Decency" [T] [A] [V]

  Arnold Schwarzenegger: 2003 California Gubernatorial Victory Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Arnold Schwarzenegger: 2004 RNConvention Address [T] [A] [V]

  Arnold Schwarzenegger: United Nations Speech on Climate Change [T] [A]

  Arnold Schwarzenegger: 2008 State of the State Address [T] [A]

  Arnold Schwarzenegger: Message to the People of Russia [T] [A] [V]

  Arthur Coviello: RSA 2014 Keynote Address [T] [V]

  Arthur Vandenberg: Cleveland Foreign Affairs Forum Address [T]

  Artifacts from National Public Radio ("Lost & Found" Collection) [A]

  Art Monk: Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Speech [T]

  Art Monk: Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Speech [V]

  Arundhati Roy: Come September Lecture [V]

  Ashbrook (Ashland University) Speech Archive [A] [V] ***

  Ashleigh Banfield: Landon Lecture at Kansas State University [T] [V]

  Ashraf Ghani: Address to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Ashton Carter: "Defense Spending in an Era of Constrained Budgets" [T] [A] [V]

  Ashton Carter: "All Hands" Meeting Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ashton Carter: Drell Lecture at Stanford University [T] [A] [V]

  Ashton Carter: Worldwide Troop Talk Defense Media Activity [T] [A] [V]

  Ashton Carter: SASC Statement on Counter-ISIL Strategy [T] [A] [V]

  Ashton Carter: On Opening Roles for Women in the Military [T] [A] [V]

  Ashton Carter: On California National Guard Reenlistment Bonuses [T] [A] [V]

  Ashton Kutcher: On Ending Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking [T] [A] [V]

  Attallah Shabazz: Remarks at Coretta Scott King Funeral [T] [A]

  Augustine: Sselected New Testament Sermons) [T]

  Augustine: Confessions [T]

¶  Aung San Suu Kyi: Nobel Prize Lecture [T] [V]

  Aung San Suu Kyi: Congressional Gold Medal Acceptance [T] [A] [V]

  Aung San Suu Kyi: Press  Conference with President Barack Obama [T] [A] [V]

  Aung San Suu Kyi: Address to the International Court of Justice [T] [V]

  Australian Parliament Speeches [A] [V]

  Australian Parliament Speeches Full Search [T] [V]

  Authentic History Center [T] [A]

  Avigdor Lieberman: Speech to the United Nations General Assembly [T] [A]

  A.W. Tozer [T] [A]

  A.W. Tozer: "The Holy Spirit and the Christian Witness" [A]


  Babe Ruth: Hall of Fame Induction Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Babe Ruth: Farewell to Baseball Address [T] [V]

  Barack Obama 450+ Speeches [T] [A] [V] +++

  Barack Obama: Archived Presidential Web Site [T] [A] [V] +++

  Barbara Bush: Wellesley College Commencement Address [T] [A] [V]

  Barbara Dafoe Whitehead: The Future of Marriage (2000) [A]

¶  Barbara Jordan: House Judiciary Remarks on Nixon Impeachment [T] [A]

  Barbara Jordan: 1976 DNConvention Keynote Address [T] [A] [V]

  Barbara Jordan: 1992 DNConvention Keynote Address [T]

¶  Barbara Jordan: Sylvanus Thayer Award Acceptance Address [T] [A]

  (Rep.) Barbara Lee: Congressional Speech Against S.J. Res. 23 [T] [A] [V]

  Barry Bonds: Address to Fans After Hitting Home Run #756 [T] [A] [V]

  Barry Goldwater: Republican Presidential Nominee Acceptance [T] [A]

  Baz Luhrmann: Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen) [T] [A] [V]

  Benazir Bhutto: Address to a Joint Meeting of  the U.S. Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Ben Bernanke: Speech to the Economic Club of New York [T] [A]

  Ben Bernanke: Opening Statement During First Press Conference [T] [A] [V]

  Ben Bernanke: Statement to USHOR Financial Services Cmte [T] [V]

  Ben Carson: 2013 National Prayer Breakfast Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Ben Goldacre: How Doctors Are Mislead by Prescription Drug Data [T] [V]

¶  Benigno S. Aquino III: Presidential Addresses [T]

¶  Benigno S. Aquino III: Address to the National Diet of Japan [T] [V]

  Benjamin Franklin: 1787 Constitutional Convention Speech [T]

  Benjamin Franklin: Prayer Speech at the 1787 Constitutional Convention [T]

  Benjamin Franklin: 1789 Address to the Public [T]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: First Speech to a Joint Session of Congress [T] [A]

  Benjamin Netanyahu: 9-20-01 Speech to U.S. Government [T]

  Benjamin Netanyahu: 4-10-02 U.S. Senate Address [T]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: Speech to the 2009 United Nations General Assembly [T] [A]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: To the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: Second Speech to a Joint Session of Congress [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: Speech to the 2011 U.N. General Assembly [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: Speech to the 2012 U.N. General Assembly [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: Third Speech to the a Joint Session of Congress [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: Response to John Kerry's Two-State Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: US Embassy in Jerusalem Dedication Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Benjamin Netanyahu: On the Israel-UAE Normalization Agreement [T] [A] [V]

¶  Bennie Thompson: House Floor Speech Honoring DeCarol Davis [T] [A]

  Berklee School of Music Commencement Speeches (YouTube) [V]

  Bernice King: Remarks at Memorial Service for Yolanda King [T] [A]

  Bertrand Russell: "Why I am not a Christian" [T]

  Betsy DeVos: Pre-Recorded Remarks on New Rule for Title IX [T] [V]

  Betty Ford: Address to the American Cancer Society [T]

  Bill Cosby: Remarks on Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary [T] [A]

  Bill Cosby: Brain Damage in Kids [V]

  Bill de Blasio: Press Conference on Eric Garner Grand Jury Decison [T] [V]

  Bill Gates: Foundation Speeches

  The Bill of Rights [T]

  Billy Graham: Eulogy for Richard Nixon [T] [A] [V]

  Billy Graham: Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Service Address [T] [A] [V]

  Billy Joel: Berklee Music School Commencement Address [T]

  Billy Sunday Sermons [T]

  Billy Sunday: "Booze" [T]

  Billy Sunday: "Booze" (excerpt) [A]

  Billy Sunday: "Backsliding" [T]

  Billy Sunday: "He That Winneth Souls is Wise" [T]

  Billy Sunday: "The Old-Time Religion" [T]

  Bindi Irwin: Eulogy for Father Steve Irwin [T] [V]

  Bob Barr: Declaration of Candidacy for U.S. Presidency [T] [A]

  Bobby Jindal: Louisiana Gubernatorial Victory Speech [T] [A]

  Bobby Jindal: First Louisiana Gubernatorial Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Bobby Jindal: Second Louisiana Gubernatorial Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Bob Costas: Eulogy for Stan Musial [T]

  Bob Costas: Eulogy for Stan Musial (YouTube) [V]

  Bob Goodlatte at al: On the Filipino Posthumous Citizenship Act [T] [V]

  Boeing Speeches (recent) [T]

  Bono: 2001 Harvard Commencement Address [T] [V]

  Bono: American Ireland Fund Humanitarian Award Acceptance [T] [A]

  Bono: 2004 University of Pennsylvania Commencement Address [T] [A] [V]

  Bono: 54th National Prayer Breakfast Keynote Address [T] [A] [V]

  Booker T. Washington: Cotton State Exposition [T] [A]

  Booker T. Washington: "Democracy and Education" [T]

  Boris Johnson: Saturday Parliament Brexit Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Boris Johnson: 2019 General Election Victory Speech [T] [V]

  Boris Johnson: Recorded Address to the Nation Upon Leaving the EU [T] [V]

  Boris Johnson: On Kingdom-wide Lockdown to Mitigate Coronavirus [T] [A] [V]

  Boris Johnson: First Downing Statement After COVID-19 Recovery [T] [V]

  Boris Johnson: Speech to the Nation on New COVID-19 Lockdown Measures [T] [V]

  Boris Johnson: Speech on Post-Brexit UK-EU Free Trade Deal [T] [V]

  Boris Johnson: Remarks at the UK Parliament Debate on Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

  Boris Johnson: Address to the House of Commons on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

  Boris Johnson: Address to the Parliament of Ukraine [T] [V]

  Brett Kavanaugh: USSC Nomination Acceptance Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Brett Kavanaugh: USSC Swearing-In Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Brian Hastings: Report on CBP Relief Support for Hurricane Laura [T] [A] [V]

  Brian Hook: Iran Weapons Violations Briefing [T] [A] [V]

  Brian Hook: Iran Briefing of 04-02-19 [T] [A] [V]

  Brian Mulroney: Eulogy for Ronald Reagan [T] [A] [V]

  Brian Mulroney: Eulogy for George H.W. Bush [T] [A] [V]

  Brian Williams: NBC News Final Signoff [T] [A] [V]

  Brianna Pinto: FIFA World Cup 2026 United Bid Speech [T] [V]

  Brigham Young University: Devotional Speeches [T] [V]

  British Political Speech *** [T]

  Brooksley Born: JFK Profile in Courage Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  Bruce Campbell: Independence Day 2014 PSA [T] [A] [V]

  Bruce Springsteen: Speech at the Philadelphia Vote for Change Rally [T] [A] [V]

  Buck O'Neil: Speech at the Baseball Hall of Fame [T] [A] [V]

  Burgess Owens: Speech to Congress on Reparations for Slavery [T] [A] [V]

  Bush v. Gore: U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments [T] [A]


  Cal Ripken, Jr: Farewell to Baseball Speech [T] [A]

  Calvary Chapel: Religious Addresses of Various Pastors [A] [V]

  Calvin College 1996 Convocation: "Celebrating Our Ignorance" [T]

  Calvin Coolidge: Second Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Calvin Coolidge: 1924 Speech on Economics and Government [T] [A] [V]

  Campaign 2000: Candidate Speeches & Announcements [T] [V]

  Carl Schramm: Commencement Speech at the University of Illinois [T] [A] [V]

  Caroline Kennedy: Japan National Press Club Address [T] [A] [V]

  Carrie Chapman Catt: "The Crisis" [T]

  Carrie Chapman Catt: Address to Congress on Women's Suffrage [T]

  Cato Institute Audio/Video Events Archives ***  [T] [A] [V]

  Cato Institute (1993-2009 senior staff speeches) [T]

  Center for Strategic and International Studies ***  [T] [A] [V]

  Cesar E. Chavez: "The Mexican-American and the Church" [T]

  Cesar E. Chavez: Commonwealth Club Address  [T]

  Center for Disease Control: 2009 H1N1 Flu Addresses [V]

  Chaim Herzog: 1975 United Nations Address on Zionism vs. Racism [T] [A]

  (Father) Charles Coughlin Radio Archive [A]

  (Father) Charles Coughlin: Roosevelt or Ruin  [T] [A]

  Charles Dickens: Literary and Social Speeches [T]

  Charles Dickens: Literary and Social Speeches (computer gen. audio) [A]

  Charles Edward Maurice Spencer: Eulogy for Princess Diana [T] [A] [V]

  Charles G. Finney: Sermons and Lectures [T]

  Charles G. Finney: Revival Lectures [T]

  Charles Haden Spurgeon +++ [T] [A]

  Gen. Charles Q. Brown: Thoughts on Race Relations in the U.S. [T] [A] [V]

  Gen. Charles Q. Brown: USAF Chief of Staff COC Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Charles Sumner: On the Crime Against Kansas [T]

  Charles W. Colson: Geneva Commencement Address [T] [A]

  Charlton Heston: "Winning the Cultural War" [T] [A]

  (Captain) Chelsea "Sully" Sullenberger et al: Cactus Flight 1549 [T] [A]

  Cher: Eulogy for Sonny Bono [T] [V]

  Chief Buckongahelas Address to Christians at Gnadenhutten [T] [A]

  Chief Canasatego: On Colonizing Education [T] [A]

  Chief Logan: Lament [T] [A]

  Chief Powhatan: Address to Captain John Smith [T] [A]

  Chief Pushmataha: Response to Chief Tecumseh [T] [A]

  Chief Red Cloud: Address at Cooper Union Institute [T]

  Chief Red Eagle: Address to General Andrew Jackson [T] [A]

  Chief Red Jacket: Address to the Iroquois Nation [T] [A]

  Chief Tecumseh: Address to General Henry Harrison [T] [A]

  Chief Joseph: Surrender Speech [T]

  Chip Roy: House Floor Speech on the Texas Border Crisis [T] [A] [V]

  Chris Dodd: Senate Speech on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [T] [A] [V]

  Chris Patten: Hong Kong Handover Ceremony Address [T] [V]

  Chris Pratt: MTV Generation Award Acceptance Address [T] [V]

  Chris Smith: Floor Speech on Goldman US-Brazil Custody Case [T] [A] [V]

  Christian Apologetics: Institute for Creation Research [A]

 Christian Apologetic Debate: Fernandes vs. Martin [T]

  Christine O'Donnell: Delaware Senate Primary Victory Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Christopher Reeve: 1996 DNC Address [T] [A] [V]

  Christopher Stevens: State Department Briefing on Libya [T] [A] [V]

  Christopher J. Waller: AEI Address on a Central Bank Digital Currency [T] [V]

  Christopher Wray: Hudson Institute Address on China [T] [A] [V]

  Christopher Wray: 9/11 20th Anniversary Remembrance Address [T] [A] [V]

  Chuck Hagel: First Pentagon Speech as Secretary of Defense [T] [A] [V]

  Chuck Hagel: Missile Defense Announcement and North Korea [T] [A] [V]

  Chuck Hagel: Manama Dialogue, Bahrain Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Chuck Schumer: Senate Floor Speech on the Government Shut Down [T] [A] [V]

  Pastor Chuck Smith: Audio Sermon Index [A]

  Civil Rights Act of 1964: Title VII [T] [V]

  Civil Rights Digital Library [T] [A] [V]

  Clare Booth Institute Speeches [T]

  Clare Booth Institute Speeches [V]

  Clarence Darrow: "Mercy for Leopold and Loeb" [T]

  Classical Orators (Perseus Project) *** [T]

  Clarence Thomas: Senate Confirmation Hearing Statement [T] [A] [V]

  Clarence Thomas: "Be Not Afraid" [T] [A]

  Clarence Thomas: "I am Man, a Black Man, an American" [T]

  Clarence Thomas: "The New Intolerance" [T] [A]

  Clarence Thomas: Scripture Reading at Antonin Scalia Funeral [T] [A]

  Clifford Stoll: On...everything (TED) [T] [A] [V]

  Clint Eastwood: Halftime in America Ad for Chrysler [T] [V]

  Coleman Hughes: Statement to Congress on Reparations for Slavery [T] [A] [V]

  Colin Powell: Military Retirement Speech [T] [A] [V]

¶  Colin Powell: 9/11 Address to the Organization of American States [T] [V]

¶  Colin Powell: McConnell Center Address on Arab-Israeli Conflict [T]

  Colin Powell: CNN Interview on Anti-Terrorism Campaign [T]

  Colin Powell: U. N. Security Council Address of 5 Feb 2003 [T] [A] [V]

  Colin Powell: Statement to Congress on Genocide in Darfur [T] [A] [V]

  Colin Powell: Final NATO Presser as SecState [T] [A]

  Colin Powell: Reading of the Gettysburg Address (YouTube) [V]

  Colin Powell: U.S. Diplomacy Center Ceremony Address [T] [A] [V]

  Colombia 2016: A Visual Rhetoric in Still and Moving Images [V]

  Commencement Addresses (from [T]

  Commonwealth Club of California [V]

  ComuniCast [A]

  Condoleezza Rice: 2002 Wriston Lecture on National Security [T] [A] [V]

  Condoleezza Rice: Opening Statement to 9/11 Commission [T] [A] [V]

  Condoleezza Rice: World Economic Forum Keynote Address [T] [A] [V]

  Condoleezza Rice: Speech at the German Marshall Fund [T] [A]

  Condoleezza Rice: 2012 RNC Speech [T] [A] [V]

  (The) Connection (interviews on a variety of topics) [A]

  Corazon Aquino: Speech to a Joint Session of Congress Address [T] [A] [V]

  Cordell Hull: "What America Is Fighting For" Address to the Nation [T] [A]

  Coretta Scott King: The 10 Commandments of Vietnam [T] [A]

  Corinne Roosevelt Robinson: "Safeguard America!" [T] [A]

  Council on Foreign Relations [T] [A] [V]

  C.S. Lewis: BBC Radio Talk -- "Beyond Personality" [T] [A]

  C-SPAN [T] [V]

  Cyril Ramaphosa: Address to the Nation on Novel Coronavirus Measures [T] [V]


  Dabrina Bet-Tamraz: United Nations Speech on Religious Freedom [T] [A] [V]

  14th Dalai Lama of Tibet: Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Speeches [T]

  14th Dalai Lama Gyatso: 1989 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  Dale Bumpers: Closing Arguments at the WJClinton Impeachment Trial [T] [A]

  Dalton Sherman: Dallas ISD Back to School Convocation Keynote [T] [V]

  Dan Butler: Open Source Intelligence Speech at the National Press Club [T] [A]

  Dan Coats: 2019 Threat Assessment Statement to Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Dan Farmer: 1997 Statement to Congress on Computer Security [T] [A] [V]

  Dan Geer: 1997 Statement to Congress on Computer Security [T] [A] [V]

  Dan Geer: 2014 USA Black Hat Conference Keynote [T]

  Dan Geer: 2014 USA Black Hat Conference Keynote (YouTube) [V]

  Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines: Call of Jason Lezak's Olympic 4x100 Relay [T] [A] [V]

  Dan Kildee: Statement to Congress on Flint Drinking Water Crisis [T] [A] [V]

  Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Against United Nations Resolution 3379 [T] [A]

  Daniel Webster [T]

¶  Daniel Webster: Plymouth Oration [T]

  Dannel Malloy: Televised Address on Newtown, CT Shooting Tragedy [T] [A] [V]

  Danny Glover: Statement to Congress On Reparations for Slavery [T] [A] [V]

  Dan Rather: CBS Evening News Signoff [T] [A] [V]

  David Bellavia: Hall of Heroes Induction Speech [T] [A] [V]

  David Cameron: First Speech as Prime Minister [T] [V]

  David Cameron: Resignation Speech [T] [V]

  David Cicilline: Big Tech Antitrust Hearing Opening Statement [T] [A] [V]

  David Ferriero: 2012 Wikimania Address [T] [A] [V]

  David Friedman: Remarks Before Flight LY973 from Israel to Bahrain [T] [A] [V]

  David Goldman: Statement on Sean Goldman Custody Dispute [T] [A] [V]

  David McCullough: Wellesley High School Commencement Speech [T] [V]

  (Gen.) David McKiernan: Memorial Day Speech at Camp Eggers [T] [A] [V]

  David Ogden: U.S.-Mexico Border Security Policy Announcement [T] [A] [V]

  David W. Panuelo: Address to the 75th United Nations General Assembly [T] [V]

  (Gen.) David Petraeus: Opening Statement to Congress on Iraq [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) David Petraeus: Days of Remembrance Address [T] [V]

  (Gen.) David Petraeus: Speech to the 45th Munich Security Conference [T] [A]

  (Gen.) David Petraeus: Landon Lecture at Kansas State University (YouTube) [V]

  (Gen.) David Petraeus: Opening Statement at ISAF Confirmation [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) David Petraeus: Military Farewell Retirement Speech [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) David Petraeus: Honoring Military Veterans at USC ROTC Dinner [T] [V]

  David Stern: Press Conference on Pacer-Piston Player Suspensions [T] [A] [V]

  David Shulkin: White House Veterans Affairs Presser [T] [A] [V]

  Debatepedia [T] [V]

  DeCarol Davis: US Coast Guard Academy Cadet Commencement Speech [T] [A]

  The Declaration of Independence [T] [A]

  (Sister) Deirdre Byrne: Republican National Convention Address [T] [V]

  Democracy Now! [T] [A] [V]

  Democratic National Convention Speeches 1996 [T] [A]

  Democratic National Convention Speeches 2000 [V]

  Democratic National Convention 2004 Bloopers [T] [A]

¶  Demosthenes (scroll to) +++ [T]

  Dennis Hastert (Rep-Illinois): Farewell to Congress Address [T] [A] [V]

  Dennis Muilenburg: Statement to Congress on Boeing 737 MAX Safety [T] [A] [V]

  Denzel Washington: 2002 Oscar Award Acceptance Address [T] [V]

  Dewey Bozella: ESPY Award Acceptance Address [T] [V]

  Dianne Feinstein: Remarks at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration [T] [A] [V]

  Dianne Feinstein: Senate Floor Speech on Alleged CIA Tampering [T] [A] [V]

  Dick Cheney: 103rd Meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars [T] [A] [V]

  Dick Cheney: 2004 RNConvention Address [T] [A] [V]

  Dick Cheney: Address to Troops at Bagram Air Base [T] [A] [V]

  Dick Clark: Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award [T] [V]

  Dick Gregory: Speech at St. John's Baptist Church [T] [A]

  Dmitry Medvedev: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [V]

  Donald Hooton: Statement to Congress on Steroid Use in Baseball [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Archived Presidential Web Site [T]

  Donald J. Trump: YouTube Archived Speeches [V]

  Donald J. Trump: President-Elect Victory Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: First Address to a Joint Session of Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Syria Missile Strike Address to the Nation [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Liberty University Commencement Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Arab Islamic America Summit Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Speech at Ben-Gurion Airport [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: NATO 9/11 and Berlin Wall Memorials Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Paris Climate Accord Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Address to the People of Poland [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Address to the Nation on Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: United Nations 72nd General Assembly Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Republic of Korea National Assembly Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Statement on Jerusalem [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: National Security Strategy Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: First State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Bilateral NATO Breakfast Meeting Remarks [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Helsinki Press Conference [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Speech On Violating the Iran Accord [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: United Nations 73rd General Assembly Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Oval Office Speech on Border Security [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: On Immigration Deal to End Government Shutdown [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Rose Garden Address on Ending Government Shutdown [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Second State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund Bill Signing [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: United Nations 74th General Assembly Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: New York City Veterans Day Parade Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: On the Killing of Qasem Soleimani [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Address on Iran's Retaliatory Missile Attacks [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: 47th Annual March for Life Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Third State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Address to the Nation on the Novel Coronavirus [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: On WHO  Withdrawal and U.S.-China Relations [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Address at Mount Rushmore [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: COVID-19 Presser on 07-21-20 [T] [A] [V]

  Donald J. Trump: Presidential Departure Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Donald Rumsfeld: 9/11 DOD Press Briefing at the Pentagon [T] [A] [V]

  Donald Rumsfeld: Presser on 9/11 and Classified Data Leaks [T] [A] [V]

  Donald Rumsfeld: Remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations [T] [A] [V]

  Donald Rumsfeld: Pentagon Memorial Groundbreaking Address [T] [A] [V]

  Donald Rumsfeld: Senate Statement on the Law of the Sea Treaty [T] [A]

  Doug Hurley: Remarks During the SpaceX to ISS Welcoming Ceremony [T] [A] [V]

  Douglas MacArthur: Japanese Surrender Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Douglas MacArthur: Post Japanese Surrender Ceremony Radio Address [T] [A]

  Douglas MacArthur: Farewell Address to Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Douglas MacArthur: Duty, Honor, Country [T] [A]

  Douglas Shulman: Address to the National Press Club [T] [V]

¶  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: LSU 2020 Championship Pregame Hype [T] [V]

¶  Dwight D. Eisenhower: D-Day Pre-invasion Address to Soldiers [T] [A]

  Dwight D. Eisenhower: First Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Dwight D. Eisenhower: "Cross of Iron" Address [T] [A]

¶  Dwight D. Eisenhower: "Atoms for Peace" [T] [A] [V]

¶  Dwight D. Eisenhower: On Desegregation in Little Rock, AR [T] [A] [V]

¶  Dwight D. Eisenhower: On the Future of U.S. National Security [T] [A]

  Dwight D. Eisenhower: Farewell Address [T] [A]

  Dwight L. Moody: The Beatitudes (rare audio excerpt) [A]


  Earl Campbell: Remarks at Campbell Field Dedication Ceremony [T] [A] [V]

  Earl Spencer: Eulogy for Princess Diana of Wales [T] [V]

  Earl Warren: Eulogy for John F. Kennedy [T] [A] [V]

  EarthStation1 (free and for pay archive of sensational media events) [A]

  Edmund Burke: On the Death of Marie Antoinette [T]

¶  Edmund Burke: Speech in Commons on India [T]

  Edmund Burke: Speech on Conciliation with America [T]

  King Edward VIII: Abdication Speech [T] [A]

  King Edward VIII: BBC Radio Speeches Archive [A]

  Edward Everett: Gettysburg Address [T]

  Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy: Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy [T] [A]

  Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy: "Chappaquiddick" [T] [A] [V]

  Edward (Ted) Kennedy: 1980 DNConvention Address [T] [A]

  Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy: Truth & Tolerance in America [T] [A] [V]

  Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy: Eulogy for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis [T] [A]

  Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy: Eulogy for John F. Kennedy, Jr. [T]

  Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy: 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech [T] [A]

  Edward (Ted) Kennedy, Jr: Eulogy for Ted Kennedy Sr. [T] [A]

  Edward R. Murrow: CBS Broadcast - Orchestrated Hell [T] [A]

  Edward R. Murrow: Response to McCarthy on CBS 'See It Now' [T] [A]

  Edward R. Murrow: Radio-Television News Directors Association [T] [A]

  Edwin Meese III: Federalist Society Speech on Originalism [T]

  Elena Kagan: Speech On Being Nominated USSC Justice [T] [A] [V]

  Elena Kagan: Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee [T] [A] [V]

  Eleanor Roosevelt: 1949 Acceptance of Honorary Degree [A]

  Eleanor Roosevelt: "The Struggle for Human Rights" [T]

  Eleanor Roosevelt: Adoption of the Human Rights Declaration [T] [A] [V]

  Eleanor Roosevelt: Reading of the Declaration of Human Rights [A]

  Elie Wiesel: Nobel Lecture [T]

  Elie Wiesel: "The Perils of Indifference" [T] [A] [V]

  Elie Wiesel: Holocaust History Museum Dedication Remarks [T] [A] [V]

  Elie Wiesel: Speech at Buchenwald Concentration Camp [T] [A]

  Elizabeth Cady Stanton: "The Destructive Male" [T]

  Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Seneca Falls Declaration of 1848 [T]

  Elizabeth Dobson: Fixing Subconscious Racism (TEDx)  [T] [V]

  Elizabeth Glaser: 1992 DNConvention Address [T] [A]

  Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Statement at the Smith Act Trial [T]

  Elizabeth Warren: Senate Floor Speech on Citigroup [T] [A] [V]

  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Address to the U.S. Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: First State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Second State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Third State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Fourth State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Fifth State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Sixth State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Seventh State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Address to the Atlantic Council on Venezuela  [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Eighth State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Remarks at the Organization of American States [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Ninth State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Tenth State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Eleventh State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Twelfth State Department Briefing on Venezuela [T]

  Elliott Abrams: State Department Briefing on Rosneft and Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Opening Statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Comte [T] [A] [V]

  Elliott Abrams: Complete Verbal Testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Comte [T] [A] [V]

  Emma Goldman: Address to the Jury [T]

  Emma Watson: United Nations Speech on Gender Equality [T] [V]

  Emmanuel Macron: Speech to Americans on Paris Climate Agreement [T] [V]

  Emmanuel Macron: Speech to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Emmerson Mnangagwa: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [V]

  Emperor Akihito: Be Hopeful Speech to the Nation [T] [A] [V]

  Emperor Akihito: Personal Health and Constitutional Duty [T] [A] [V]

  Emperor Naruhito: Accession to the Throne Address [T] [V]

  Enda Kenny: White House St. Patrick's Day Reception Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Environmental Protection Agency Speeches (current) [T]

  Environmental Protection Agency Speeches (key=speeches) [T]

  Eqbal Ahmad: "Terrorism-Theirs and Ours" (at UC Boulder) [T]

  Eric Holder: DOJ African American History Program Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: Announces Civilian Court Venue for 9/11 Suspects [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: Speech at the Martin Luther King Commemoration [T] [A]

  Eric Holder: Press Conference on Organized Crime Arrests [T] [A]

  Eric Holder: Announces Military Court Venue for 9/11 Suspects [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: Statement on Alleged Iranian Assassination Plot [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: Voter Registration & Voting Rights Speech at LBJ Library [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: Northwestern University Law School Address [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: PSA on Teen Solitary Confinement [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: Resignation Announcement Address [T] [A] [V]

  Eric Holder: Report on DOJ's Two Ferguson PD Investigations [T] [A] [V]

  Erick Dittus: Eulogy for Stetson Kennedy [T]

  Ernest Hemingway: Nobel Prize for Literature Acceptance Speech [T] [A]

  Eugene Cernan: Eulogy for Neil Armstrong [T] [V]

  Eugene Debs: 1918 Statement to the Court [T]

  Evel Knievel: Testimony of Faith at the Crystal Cathedral [T] [A] [V]

  Everett M. Dirksen: Senate Speech on Civil Rights [T]

  Everett M. Dirksen: Final Senate Speech on the Civil Rights Bill [T]

  Everett M. Dirksen: RNC Nomination of Barry Goldwater [T] [A]

  Executive Speeches -- BIO (Technology) [T] [A] [V]

  Executive Speeches -- IBM) [T]

  Executive Speeches -- IBM [A]

  Executive Speeches -- Monsanto [T]

  Executive Speeches -- Merck [T]

  Executive Speeches -- UPS [T]

  Executive Speeches -- Verizon [T] [V]

  Ezra Cohen-Watnick: On Special Ops Command Structure Change [T] [A] [V]


  Fadi Chehade: ICANN 51 Opening Ceremony Speech [T] [V]

  Famous Trials [T]

  Fannie Lou Hamer: Testimony Before the Credentials Committee [T] [A] [V]


  Fernando Egana: Interview with Roy Carson for VHeadline [T] [A]

  Fidel Castro (The University of Texas) +++ [T]

  Fiona Hill: Opening Statement to the House Intel Committee [T] [A] [V]

  Fiorella LaGuardia: 1945 Labor Speech (long audio excerpt) [A]

  Forest Whitaker: Oscar Acceptance for Best Leading Actor [T] [V]

  Francis Collins: Charlie Rose Interview on Faith and Science [V]

  Francis Collins: The Language of God (The Veritas Forum, 2008) [V]

  Francis Collins: Genbank 25th Anniversary Address [V]

  Francis Collins: The Genome Era - What It Means To You [T] [A] [V]

  Francis Collins: PGH 146-A 400 - Global Health Initiatives [T] [V]

  Francois Hollande: On Awarding the Legion of Honour to Thayls Heroes [T] [V]

  Francois Hollande: Sur la Légion d'Honneur des Héros de Thalys [T] [V]

  Francois Hollande: Paris Terrorist Attacks Speech to the Nation [T] [V]

  Francois Hollande: Nice Terrorist Attack Speech to the Nation [T] [V]

  Francis Tolentino: Senate Remarks on New China Coast Guard Law [T] [A] [V]

  Frank Abagnale: National Automobile Dealers Convention Address [T] [A]

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt Speeches +++ [T] [A]

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Radio Campaign Speech on Social Justice [T] [A]

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Commonwealth Club Address [T]

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: First Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

¶  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: First Fireside Chat [T] [A]

¶  Franklin Delano Roosevelt Social Security Act Signing Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: "The Arsenal of Democracy" [T] [A] [V]

¶  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Four Freedoms [T] [A] [V]

¶  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: On U.S. Involvement in the War in Europe [T] [A]

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Pearl Harbor Address [T] [A] [V]

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Fireside Chat 28 - State of the Union [T] [A]

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt: D-Day Prayer Radio Address [T] [A]

  Franklin Graham: Remarks at the Memorial Service for Jerry Falwell [T] [A] [V]

  Frank Sinatra: Movie Speech from "The House That I Live In" [T] [A] [V]

  Frank Zappa: Senate Opening Statement on Rock Music Lyrics [T] [A] [V]

  Frederick Douglass: "What to the Slave is the 4th of July?" [T]

  Frederick Douglass: "The Hypocrisy of American Slavery" [T]

  Fred Rogers: Senate Testimony on PBS Funding [T] [A] [V]

¶  Fred Thompson: GOP Presidential Candidacy Announcement [T] [A] [V]

¶  Fred Thompson: 2008 Republican National Convention Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Freespeech Internet TV [V]

  Free Speech Movement (UC Berkeley) *** [T] [A] [V]



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