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  Gabriel Latner: Affirmative Debate -- "Israel is a Rogue State" [T]

  Gabriel Rufián Romero: Address at Plenary Session 246 on Government Censure [T] [A] [V]

  Gabriel Rufián Romero: Discurso a la Sesión Plenaria n° 246h [T] [A] [V]

  Gabriel Sterling: "Mr. President...this has to Stop!" [T] [A] [V]

  Garry Reid: On Vetting Protocols for International Military Students [T] [A] [V]

  (Pastor) Gary Brandenburg: Fellowship Dallas Sermons [V]

  Genetic Nondiscrimination Act [T]

  Geoffrey Pyatt: Foreign Press Briefing on U.S. Energy Security Policy [T] [A] [V]

  King George: First Radio Address [T] [A]

  George M. Church: On the Future of Genomics and Synthetic Biology [T] [V]

  George Clooney: U.N. Security Council Address on Darfur [T] [A]

  George Clooney: Oscar Acceptance for Best Supporting Actor  [T] [V]

  George C. Marshall Speeches [T]

  George C. Marshall: The Marshall Plan [T] [A]

  George C. Marshall: 1948 United Nations Address [T] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush Presidential Library +++ [T]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: 1988 RNC Address [T] [A]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: Panama Invasion Address [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: OP Desert Shield -- Saudi Arabia Defense Address [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: OP Desert Storm -- Kuwait Liberation Address [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: Suspension of Operation Desert Storm [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: Address at the Supreme Soviet Building in Kyiv [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: 1991 Speech to the United Nations [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: Pearl Harbor 50th Anniversary Ceremony [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: Speech to the Nation on Somalia Relief Efforts [T] [A] [V]

  George Herbert Walker Bush: Memorial for Ronald Reagan [T] [A] [V]

  George P. Shultz: "Terrorism and the Modern World" [T] [A]

  George P. Shultz: "Space Station Freedom" Agreement Signing Address [T] [A] [V]

  George P. Shultz: Memorial Remarks for Christopher Stevens [T] [A] [V]

  George Washington: Thanksgiving Day Proclamation [T]

  George W. Bush Speeches +++ [T] [A] [V]

  George W. Bush: Archived Presidential Web Site +++ [T] [A] [V]

  George W. Bush: White House Officially Selected Speeches [T]

  George Whitefield Sermons [T]

  Geraldine Ferraro: 1984 VP Nomination Acceptance Address [T] [A] [V]

  Gerald R. Ford: Pardon of Richard Nixon [T] [A]

  Gerald R. Ford: Oath of Office for the U.S. Presidency [T] [A]

¶  German Propaganda Archive (Calvin College) *** [T]

  Gertrude Himmelfarb: The Re-Moralization of Society [V]

  Gettysburg Address (w/ Audio Readings by Various Artists) [T] [A]

  Gia Chacon: Address to the First March for the Martyrs Rally [T] [V]

  Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches Around the World (Archived) *** [T]

  Giorgia Meloni: Address to the World Congress of Families [T] [V]

  G.K. Chesterton & The Mercury Theatre: The Man Who Was Thursday (scroll to) [A]

  G.K. Chesterton: "Everlasting Man" (" [T]

  G.K. Chesterton: "Everlasting Man" [A]

  G.K. Chesterton: "Orthodoxy" (Gutenberg) [T]

  Glenn Beck: Restoring Honor Rally Keynote Speech [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen) Glen VanHerck: Press Briefing with John Kirby on Operation Allies Refuge [T] [A] [V]

  Golda Meir: White House Reception Address [T] [A] [V]

  Gordon Brown: Speech to a Joint Session of Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Gordon Sinclair: "The Americans" [T] [A]

  Gorgias of Leontini: Encomium of Helen (Freeman Edition) [T]

¶  Greatest Political Speeches of the 20th Century [T] [A] [V]

¶  Great Speeches of the 21st Century [T] [A] [V]

¶  Great Speeches: The History Place [T] [A]

¶  Greg Abbott: Texas COVID-19 Disaster Proclamation [T]

¶  Greg Abbott: Texas COVID-19 Stay at Home Executive Order [T] [A] [V]

¶  Greg Abbott: Texas COVID-19 Face Covering Executive Order [T] [A] [V]

¶  Greg Abbott: Executive Order GA-40 (On COVID Mandates) [T]

¶  Greg Abbott: Letter to President Biden on Immigration Policy Enforcement [T]

¶  Greg Abbott: Third Gubernatorial Inaugural Address [T] [V]

¶  Greg Abbott: Letter to President Biden on Title IX Changes [T]

  Greg Laurie: Sermons/Homilies) [T] [A] [V]

¶  Greta van Susteren: Interview with Dr. Francis Collins on COVID-19 Vaccine [T] [A] [V]


  Haile Selassie: Address to the United Nations General Assembly [T] [A]

  Halle Berry: 2002 Oscar Award Best Actress Address [T] [V]

  Hank Aaron: Congratulatory Address to Barry Bonds [T] [A] [V]

  Hank Taylor & John Kirby: DOD Briefing Following Kabul Airport Attack [T] [A] [V]

  Harry Belafonte: Hersholt Humanitarian Award Acceptance [T] [V]

  (Prince) Harry Charles David of Wales: Eulogy for Princess Diana [T] [V]

  (Lt. Gen.) Harry M. Wyatt IIII: 45th Infantry Brigade Deployment [T] [A] [V]

  Harry S. Truman: Historic Speeches [T] [A]

  Harry S. Truman: Announces Germany's Surrender [T] [A] [V]

  Harry S. Truman: Radio Speech on the Potsdam Conference [T] [A]

  Harry S. Truman: Announces Japan's Surrender [T] [A]

  Harry S. Truman: "The Truman Doctrine" [T] [A]

  Harry S. Truman: Address to the NAACP [T] [A]

  Harry S. Truman: 1948 Democratic National Convention Acceptance [T] [A] [V]

  Harry S. Truman: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Harry S. Truman: Farewell Address [T] [A] [V]

  Harvard Law Forum Classics (YouTube) [A]

  Hassan Diab: Resignation Address Following Beirut Explosions [T] [V]

  Heather Wilson: Space Symposium 35 Address [T] [A] [V]

  Henrique Meirelles: Rio 2016 Final Speech to the IOC [T] [A]

  Henry Clay: Compromise Measures of 1850 [T]

  Henry Kissinger: Eulogy for Richard Nixon  [T] [A] [V]

  Henry Kissinger: 45th Munich Security Conference Remarks [T] [A]

  Henry Kissinger: U.S. Diplomacy Center Ceremony Address [T] [A] [V]

  Henry Wallace: Free World Association Dinner Address [T] [A] [V]

  Herb Morrison: Radio broadcast of the Hindenburg Crash [T] [A] [V]

  Herod the Great: Speech to the Jews On the Arabian War [T]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Speeches as First Lady [T]

  Hillary R. Clinton: 1969 Wellesley Commencement Speech [T] [A]

  Hillary R. Clinton: UN 4th World Conference in Beijing [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: 1996 DNC Address ("It Takes a Village") [T] [A]

  Hillary R. Clinton: On the Universal Declaration of Universal Human Rights [T]

  Hillary R. Clinton: 2008 Presidential Campaign Suspension Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech [T] [A]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Speech on Human Rights Agenda for 21st Century [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: UN Commission on the Status of Women [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Presser on Wikileaks Documents Release [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton:  Internet Policy Speech at Newseum [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Internet Policy Speech at GW University [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Press Conference on Libya and Res. 1973 [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Press Conference on Libya and Res. 1970 & 1973 [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: APEC Women and the Economy Keynote [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: LBGT Dignity and Human Rights [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Speech to Ministerial Conf on Internet Freedom [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: On the Deaths of U.S. Personnel in Benghazi, Libya [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Benghazi Victim Transfer of Remains Ceremony [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: Common Ground Speech Honoring Chris Stephens [T] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: 2016 Democratic Nomination Acceptance [T] [A] [V]

  Hillary R. Clinton: 2016 Presidential Campaign Concession [T] [A] [V]

¶  Hillel Neuer: United Nations Human Rights Council Address [T] [A] [V]

  Hindenburg Crash (Herbert Morrison's original radio broadcast) [T] [A] [V]

  Hisako, Princess Takamado: Address to the IOC on Behalf of Japan [T] [V]

  Howard Schmidt: U.S. COC Cybersecurity Summit Speech [T] [A]

  Hosni Mubarak: Oslo II Interim Agreement Signing Speech [T] [A] [V]

  H.R. McMaster: Norwich ROTC Centennial Symposium Address [T] [A] [V]

  H.R. McMaster: White House Statement on Venezuela Sanctions [T] [A] [V]

  Hubert H. Humphrey: 1948 DNC Address [T] [A]

  Hubert H. Humphrey: 1964 DNC Address [T] [A] [V]

  Huey P. Long: Every Man King Radio Speech [T]

  Huey P. Long: Speech to Staff at the Washington Press Club [T] [A] [V]

  Huey P. Long: Share Our Wealth Radio Speech [T]

  Huey P. Long: St. Vitus Dance Government Radio Speech [T] [A]

  Huey P. Long: A Fair Deal for the Veterans Radio Speech [T] [A]

  Hugo Chavez: Address to the United Nations General Assembly [T] [A] [V]

  Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund PSA by 5 Living Former Presidents [T] [V]


  Ian McKellen: Shakespeare's Sir Thomas Moore, Act II, Scene IV [T] [V]

  Ilana Wexler: 2004 DNConvention Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ilhan Omar: First US House of Representatives Floor Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents (Washington to Obama) [T]

  Inetta Moodsetta On-Air Resignation from WBLX Radio [T] [A]

¶  International Atomic Energy Agency Director Speeches [V]

¶  International Monetary Fund Speeches (1994-Present) [T] [V]

¶  Internet Archive*** [T] [A] [V]

  Isaac Herzog: Statement to the Press at NATO HQ [T] [A] [V]

  Isaac Herzog: Address to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Islamic Lectures [V]

  Israel Declaration of Independence (English)  [T]

  Iván Duque Márquez: Presidential Inaugural Address (English) [T] [A] [V]

  Iván Duque Márquez: Discurso de Posesión del Presidente de la Colombia [T] [A] [V]


  Jacinda Ardern: Parliament Statement on Christchurch Mosque Attack [T] [A] [V]

  Jacinda Ardern: National Memorial Speech for Christchurch Victims [T] [V]

  Jacinda Ardern: Parliament Statement on COVID-19 Economics [T] [A] [V]

  Jacinda Ardern: Address to the Nation on COVID-19 Alert System [T] [V]

  Jacinda Ardern: Address to the Nation Announcing Level 4 Lockdown [T] [V]

  Jacinda Ardern: Address to Parliament on Level 4 Lockdown [T] [A] [V]

  Jacinda Ardern: Resignation Address [T] [V]

  Jack Dorsey: Opening Statement to Congress on Twitter Accountability [T] [A] [V]

  Jackie Robinson: Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Address [T] [A]

  Jack Lambert: Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Address [T]

  Jack Lambert: Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Address [V]

  Jack Smith: On National Security Fed Indictment Against Donald J. Trump [T] [V]

  Jack Smith: On Voter Disenfranchisement Fed Indictment Against Donald J. Trump [T] [V]

  Jake Sullivan: Presser on President Biden's First Foreign Trip [T] [A] [V]

  Jake Sullivan: White House Presser on U.S. Withdrawal in Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

  Jameis Winston: Heisman Award Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  James A. Baker: Eulogy for George H.W. Bush [T] [A] [V]

  James Billington: 1989 Address to the National Press Club [T] [A] [V]

  (Col) James Blackburn: Address to 2D Stryker Cavalry [T] [A] [V]

  James Clapper: Bipartisan Policy Center Address and Q&A  [T] [A] [V]

  James B. Comey: FBI Director Installation Address [T] [A] [V]

  James B. Comey: Brookings Institution 'Going Dark' Speech [T] [A] [V]

  James B. Comey: Address on Law Enforcement and Race [T] [A] [V]

  James B. Comey: Statement on the Orlando Mass Shootings [T] [A] [V]\

  James B. Comey: On the Investigation into Sec Clinton's Use of Personal E-mail [T] [A] [V]\

  James Earl Jones: White House Performance of Othello [T] [A] [V]

  James Inhofe: Senate Speech on Global Warming and the Media [T] [A]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: Iraq Invasion Eve of Battle Letter to Troops [T]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: On Leadership Lessons [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: First Pentagon Speech as SecDef [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: Joint Press Briefing with Minister Inada of Japan [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: First NATO Press Conference [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: First Munich Security Conference Address [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: U.S. Military Academy Cadet Graduation Speech [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: Marshall Plan Commemoration Ceremony Address [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony Address [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: On U.S. National Security Policy at Johns Hopkins [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: Post NATO Briefing to Reporters [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: Virginia Military Institute Address [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: Bells of Balangiga Return Address [T] [A] [V]

  (Gen.) James Mattis: Letter of Resignation as U.S. Secretary of Defense [T]

  James McDonald: CFTC Enforcement Perspective [T]

  James McGreevey (Gov. New Jersey): Resignation Address [T] [A] [V]

  James Taylor: Berklee Music School Commencement Address [T]

  James Taylor: Berklee Music School Commencement Address [V]

  (Adm.) James Winnefeld: 6th Annual Joint Warfighting IT Day Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Jamie Foxx: "Let Freedom Ring" Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  (Capt) Jamie Frederick:  Press Remarks on SAR Activity for Titan Submersible [T] [A] [V]

  Jan Brewer: On Signing Arizona Senate Bill 1070 [T] [A]

  Jane Thomason: National Nurses United COVID-19 Presser [T] [A] [V]

  Janet Napolitano: Address to the Council on Foreign Relations [T] [A] [V]

  Janet Napolitano: 2nd Annual State of U.S. Homeland Security [T] [V]

  Janet Napolitano: Presser on Sequestration and the DHS [T] [A] [V]

  Janet Yellen: American University Address On Digital Assets [T] [V]

  Janet Yellen: Atlantic Council Address on the Global Economy [T] [V]

  Janet Yellen: Johns Hopkins Address on US-China Economic Relations [T] [V]

  Janet Yellen: Roundtable Remarks to U.S. Business Reps Operating in China [T] [A] [V]

  Janet Yellen: On New Housing Availability and Affordability Measures [T] [V]

  Jared Kushner & Robert O'Brien: Briefing on Israel-UAE Agreement [T] [A] [V]

  Jasper Rine: To UC Berkeley Students on Laptop Computer Theft [T] [A] [V]

  Javier Milei: President-Elect Victory Speecht [T] [V]

  Javier Milei: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Javier Milei: Address at the 54th World Economic Forum  [T] [V]

  Javier Milei: Milken Institute Address [T] [V]

  Jawaharlal Nehru: "Tryst With Destiny" Address [T] [A] [V]

  Jay Paterno: Eulogy Address at the Public Memorial for Joe Paterno [T] [A] [V]

¶  J.C. Watts, Jr: 1996 RNConvention Address [T]

¶  J.C. Watts, Jr: "A Call to Arms" [T]

¶  J.C. Watts, Jr: "Three Lies" [T]

¶  J.C. Watts, Jr: "Keeping America Competitive" [T] [A]

¶  JD Vance: Panel Remarks at the 2024 Munich Security Conference [T] [V]

  Jean Chrétien: 9/11 National Day of Mourning Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Jeanette Manfra: On WannaCry Malware and North Korea Attribution [T] [A] [V]

  Jean Kirkpatrick: UN Ambassador Confirmation Statement [T] [V]

  Jeff Bardin: Treadstone 71 Cyber Counterintelligence Doctrine [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Bezos: Opening Statement to Congress on Amazon Antitrust [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Bridges: Oscar Award for Best Male Lead Acceptance [T] [V]

  Jeff Daniels: Gettysburg Address [T] [A]

  Jeff Flake: Senate Floor Speech Announcing Retirement [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Flake: Senate Floor Speech on Truth, Power, and the Free Press [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Flake: Senate Floor Speech on Human Decency [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Moss: The Story of DEFCON [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Rosen: On the Purdue Pharma Prosecution Outcomes [T] [V]

  Jeff Sessions: Senate Floor Speech on Rosa Parks Gold Medal [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Sessions: Attorney General Swearing-In Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Sessions: Recusal Press Conference [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Sessions: Senate Intelligence Committee Opening Statement [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Sessions: Statement on Classified Information Leaking [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Sessions: DACA Cessation Briefing [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Sessions: Free Speech Address at Georgetown University [T] [A] [V]

  Jeff Sessions: California Peace Officers Association Speech [T] [V]

  Jefferson Davis Speeches [T]

  Jefferson Davis: 1858 Speeches Delivered in Mississippi [T]

  Jefferson Davis: 1861 Inaugural Address [T]

 Jehan Sadat: National Press Club Address (1982) [T] [V]

 Jen Psaki: First  Press Briefing as White House Press Secretary [T] [A] [V]

 Jen Psaki: WH Presser Announcing US Diplomatic Boycott of Winter Olympics [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Norway Bombing Tragedy Memorial Speech [T] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Oxford Union Address and Q&A [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: NATO Engages: Brussels Summit Dialogue 2018 [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Address to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: NATO Briefing on Tensions in the Middle East [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: NATO Briefing on Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Kissinger Award Tribute Address for Gen. James Mattis [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Presser on NATO Proposals to Russia re Ukraine [T] [A]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Joint Presser w Boris Johnson on NATO Proposals to Russia [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: NATO Announcement of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Presser on New NATO Measures in Support of Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: NATO 2022 Madrid Summit Final Presser [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Remarks at Finland Accession to NATO Ceremony [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Post NATO-Ukraine Commission Meeting Presser [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: On Turkey-Sweden Agreement on NATO [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: On New NATO Ukraine Package [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Closing Presser Following NATO Summit Vilnius [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg: Presser on NATO Ally Financial Contributions [T] [A] [V]

 Jens Stoltenberg:  Ceremony Remarks on Sweden Accession to NATO [T] [A] [V]

 Gen. Jeong Seung-jo: 60 Year U.S.-Korean Armistice Agreement Address [T] [A] [V]

  Jeremiah Wright: Address to the National Press Club [T] [A] [V]

  Jeremy Rifkin: "The BioTech Century" [T] [A]

 Jerica Lamar: Texas A&M Address on U.S. Foreign Service [T] [A] [V]

 Jerome Powell: Federal Reserve June 2020 Opening Statement [T] [A] [V]

 Jerome Powell: Jackson Hole Symposium Address 2022 [T] [V]

 Jerry Brown: California Gubernatorial Inauguration Address [T] [A] [V]

  Jerry Seinfeld: 2007 Oscar Presentation for Best Documentary [T] [A]

¶  Jesse Jackson [T]

  Jesse Jackson: 1984 DNC Address [T] [A] [V]

  Jesse Jackson: 1988 DNC Address [T] [A] [V]

  Jesse Jackson: Jackie Robinson Congressional Gold Medal Address [T] [A] [V]

  Jesse Ventura: Minnesota Gubernatorial Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Jessica Lynch: Opening Statement to the House Oversight Committee [T] [A] [V]

  Jessica Rosenworcel: FCC Statement in Support of Net Neutrality [T] [A] [V]

  Jesus of Nazareth: Sermon on the Mount [T]

  Jim Elliot: "Resurrection" Radio Sermon [T] [A]

  Jim Garrison: Lectures and Interviews on the JFK Assassination [A]

  Jim Getty: Gettysburg Address [T] [A]

  Jimmy Carter: 1974 Georgia Law Day Address [T] [A]

  Jimmy Carter: 1976 DNC Address [T] [A]

  Jimmy Carter: Undelivered Energy Speech [T]

  Jimmy Carter: Crisis of Confidence [T] [A] [V]

  Jimmy Carter: 1980 State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

  Jimmy Carter: 2002 Havana Address to the People of Cuba [T] [V]

  Jimmy Carter: 2004 DNC Address [T] [A]

  Jimmy Swaggart: Apology Sermon [T] [A] [V]

  Jim Valvano: 1993 ESPY Award Address [T] [V]

  Jim Wright: (D-Tex): Resignation Address [T] [A] [V]

  J. K. Rowling: Harvard University Commencement Speech [T] [V]

  Joachim Gauck: Bundestag Federal Convention Address (German) [T] [V]

  Joachim Gauck: Bundestag Federal Convention Address (English) [T] [V]

  Joe Biden: Eulogy for Strom Thurmond [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: 2009 Munich Security Conference Address [T] [V]

  Joe Biden: 2013 American-Israel Public Affairs Committee Speech [T] [V]

  Joe Biden: Speech on Not Running for U.S. President [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: John Glenn Public Memorial Address [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Presidential Medal of Freedom Acceptance Address [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: On the Incoming Administration's COVID-19 Relief Strategy [T] [V]

  Joe Biden: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: "America's Place in the World" [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Remarks on the Military Takeover in Burma/Myanmar [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Address at a Pfizer Manufacturing Site [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: On the Coronavirus Anniversary (First Prime Time Address) [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Speech on Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Speech on Bilateral Relations With and Sanctions Against Russia [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Address to the Nation on the Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict  [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: First Presidential Address to a Joint Sessions of Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Address to USAF Personnel at Mildenhall [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Voting Rights Speech at the National Constitution Center [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Address to the Nation on the Revolution in Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Address on COVID-19 Booster Shot [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Press Conference on Ongoing Evacuation Efforts in Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: On Tropical Storm Henri and Afghanistan Evacuation Efforts Update [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: On "Build Back Better" and Afghanistan Evacuation Efforts Update [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Press Briefing Following the Kabul Airport Attack [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Speech to the Nation on the End of the War in Afghanistan [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Address to the 76th Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: AUKUS Trilateral Security Pact Announcement [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: On the Threat of a Russian Incursion into Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: First State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Warsaw Address [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Joint Jerusalem Press Conference with Yair Lapid [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: On the Death of Ayman al-Zawahiri [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: UN General Assembly 77th Session [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Second State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Warsaw Speech on Russian Invasion of Ukraine After One Year [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Oval Office Address on Bipartisan Budget Agreement [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Oval Office Address on Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine Wars [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Address On the Death of Aleksey Navalny [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Third State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Remarks on Recent College Campus Unrest [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Biden: Announcing Tripartite Plan for Peace on Gaza [T] [V]

  Joe Biden: Remarks on Border Security Pending Executive Order [T] [V]

  Joe Lieberman: 2008 Republican National Convention Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Joe Lieberman: Farewell Address to the U.S. Senate [T] [A] [V]

  John Bel Edwards: Address to the State On the Louisiana Budget Crisis [T] [A] [V]

  John Bercow: On Inviting President Trump to Address both Houses of Parliament [T] [A] [V]

  John Bercow: Resignation from Parliament Address  [T] [A] [V]

  John Boehner: Response to President's Deficit Reduction Plan [T] [A] [V]

  John Bolton: Address to the Federalist Society [T] [V]

  John Bolton: On U.S. Withdrawal From Optional Vienna Protocols [T] [A] [V]

  John Brennan: Security Review Stmt re 12-25-09 Terrorist Attempt [T] [A] [V]

  John Brennan: Council on Foreign Relations Opening and Q&A [T] [V]

  (Gen.) John Campbell: ISAF-Resolute Support Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John C. Calhoun: The Clay Compromise Measures [T]

  (Rep) John Carter (Texas-31) [V]

  John Cornyn (Republican Senator, Texas) [T] [V]

  John Cornyn: Senate Floor Speech on U.S. Delegation Visit to Mexico [T] [A] [V]

  John D. Rockefeller, Jr: United War Work Campaign [T] [A]

  John Denver: Senate Opening Statement on Rock Music Lyrics [T] [A] [V]

  John Dunne: "Death's Duel" (final sermon) [T]

  John F. Kennedy Speeches +++ [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: 1960 DNC Acceptance Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Houston Ministerial Assoc. Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Q&A with Houston Ministerial Assoc. Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Opening Statement, 1st Debate with Richard Nixon [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy/Richard M. Nixon Debates [T] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Announces Peace Corps Executive Order [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Latin American Diplomatic Corps Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Address to the Society of Newspaper Editors [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Address to the American Newspaper Publishers [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Joint Session Speech on Urgent National Needs [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: First Address to the U.N. General Assembly [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Veterans Day Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Address at the La Morita Resettlement in Caracas [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Inaugural Anniversary Dinner Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: John Glenn Mercury 6 Mission Success [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Voice of America 20th Anniversary Address [T] [A]

  John F. Kennedy: West Point Commencement Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Yale University Commencement Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Independence Hall Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Address to the Nation on the State of the Economy [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Rice University Address on Space Program [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: On James Meredith and the University of Mississippi [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Cuban Missile Crisis Address [T] [A]

  John F. Kennedy: Address to the Economic Club of New York [T] [A]

  John F. Kennedy: Q & A Following NY Economic Club Address [T] [A]

  John F. Kennedy: Vanderbilt University Convocation Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Winston Churchill U.S. Citizen Proclamation [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: American Univ. Commencement Address [T] [A]

  John F. Kennedy: Civil Rights Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: "Ich bin ein Berliner" [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Speech to the Irish Parliament [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: U.S. Air Force Academy Commencement Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Final Address to the United Nations General Assembly [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Address to the Nation [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Speech at the Mormon Tabernacle [T] [A]

  John F. Kennedy: San Antonio Aerospace Health Center Address [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Forth Worth COCommerce (last delivered speech) [T] [A] [V]

  John F. Kennedy: Undelivered Speech to the Dallas Citizens Council [T]

  John Henry Newman: The Idea of a University [T]

  John Hutton: Remarks at the 45 Munich Security Conference [T] [A]

  (Gen.) John Kelly; Gold Star Family Outreach Briefing [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: Senate Foreign Relations Comm. Opening Statement [T] [V]

  John Kerry: 2004 DNConvention Acceptance Address [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: Presidential Candidacy Concession Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: Remarks on the Death of Anne Smedinghoff [T]

  John Kerry: On Chemical Atrocities in Syria [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: UN Human Rights Council 28th Session Address [T] [V]

  John Kerry: Transpacific Trade Pact Speech at Boeing [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: Iran Accord Announcement and Presser [T] [V]

  John Kerry: Opening Statement to Congress on Iran Nuclear Accord [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: U.S. Embassy in Cuba Flag Raising Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: Iran Nuclear Agreement at Constitution Center [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: COP21 Plenary Session Remarks [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: On Implementation Day and US Detainee Releases [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: Statement on Daesh and Genocide [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: Vietnam War Summit Keynote Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: COP 22 Address [T] [A] [V]

  John Kerry: Israel-Palestine Two-State Solution Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John Kirby: Presser on the Downing of MH17 [T] [A] [V]

  John Kirby: Presser Announcing Neptune Strike '22 [T] [A] [V]

  John L. Lewis: Labor and the Nation [T]

  (Rep) John Lewis: House Floor Speech on Voting Rights Act Reauthorization [T]

  (Rep) John Lewis: Edmund Pettus Bridge Speech [T] [A]

  John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs *** [A]

  (RDML) John Mauger: Statement on the fate of the Titan Submersible [T] [V]

  John McCain: Liberty University Commencement Address [T] [A]

  John McCain: Virginia Military Institute Address [T]

  John McCain: Campaign Rally Speech in Louisiana [T] [V]

  John McCain: Republican Party Presidential Nomination Acceptance [T] [A] [V]

  John McCain: Concession Speech [T] [A] [V]

  John McCain: Munich Security Conference Address 2017 [T] [V]

  John McCain: Senate Floor Speech on Health Care Vote [T] [A] [V]

  John McCain: Liberty Medal Acceptance Address [T] [A] [V]

  John McCain: Farewell Statement to Americans [T]

  John McHugh: Marshall Leadership Awards Address [T] [A] [V]

  Johnny Cash: Gettysburg Address [T] [A]

  Johnny Manziel: Heisman Trophy Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  John Piper (Desiring God Ministries) [T] [A] [V]

¶  John Roberts: Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee [T] [A] [V]

¶  John Roberts: Cardigan Mountain School Commencement Address [T] [V]

  John Wayne: The Pledge of Allegiance [T] [A]

  John Wayne: Remarks in Tribute to Returning Vietnam POWs [T] [A]

  John Wesley Sermons [T]

  John Winthrop: A Model of Christian Charity [T]

  Jonathan Kay: "Investigating the Academy in an Age of Censorship" [T]

  Jonathan Sacks: 2013 AIPAC Address [T] [V]

  Jonathon Edwards (selected sermons) [T]

  Jonathon Edwards: "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" [T]

  Jonathon Edwards: The Manner of Salvation [T]

  Jonathon Edwards: A Farewell Sermon [T]

  Jon Leibowitz: Mobile Privacy and Path Social App Settlement Speech [T]

  Jon Meacham: Eulogy for George H.W. Bush [T] [A] [V]

  Jon Stewart: Commencement Address at William & Mary [T] [A] [V]

  Jon Stewart: Rally for Sanity Keynote Address [T] [V]

  Jon Stewart: 9/11 First Responders and Victim Compensation Fund [T] [A] [V]

  Jordan Peterson: Senate of Canada Remarks On Human Rights and Gender [T] [V]

  Jorge Soto: Early Cancer Detection Prototype [T] [V]

  Joseph Dunford: DOD Press Conference August 2019 [T] [A] [V]

  Joseph Goebbels +++ [T]

  Joseph P. Aucoin: USS Fitzgerald Collision Presser [T] [A] [V]

  Joseph R. McCarthy: Against Adlai Stevenson [T] [A]

  Joseph R. McCarthy: Prosecution of Murrow on CBS See It Now [T] [A]

  Joseph R. McCarthy: Exchange with Joseph Welch [T] [A] [V]

  Josh Hawley: Senate Floor Speech on USSC Bostock Decision [T] [A] [V]

  Josh Hawley: "The Future of the American Man" [T] [A] [V]

  Josh Hawley: Letter to US President Requesting National Guard at Columbia University [T]

  Joss Whedon: Equality Now Tribute Address [T] [A] [V]

  Juan Ponce Enrile : Senate Privilege Speech Against Miriam Santiago [T] [A] [V]

  Judith Curry: Opening Statement to Congress on Climate Change [T] [A] [V]

  Julia Abad: Address at the Public Wake for President Benigno S. Aquino [T] [V]

  Julia Gillard: Address to a Joint Session of Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Julia Gillard: State Dinner Toast to Barack Obama [T] [A] [V]

  Julia Gillard: 'Misogyny Speech' to Parliament [T] [A] [V]

  Julio Cesar Strassera: Closing Argument - Trial of the Juntas [T] [V]

  Julius Genachowski: Brookings Institute Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Julius Genachowski: National Mobile Broadband Plan Speech [T] [V]

  Julius Genachowski: FCC Meeting on Connect America [T] [A]

  Justin Trudeau: On the Nova Scotia Mass Shooting [T] [V]


  Kamala Harris: National League of Cities Conference Address [T] [A] [V]

  Kamala Harris: Address on U.S. Indo-Pacific Policy [T] [A] [V]

  Karin Agness: Conservative Women and the Academy [T] [A]

  Karl Rove: Address to the Federalist Society [T] [A]

  (Duchess) Kate Middleton: First Official Public Address [T] [V]

  Kate Tummarello: On Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act [T] [V]

  Katherine Oyama: HOR Judiciary Cmte Opening Statement [T] [A] [V]

  Kathleen Blanco: To a Joint Session of Louisiana State Legislature [T] [A] [V]

  Kathleen Hall Jamieson: Presidential Rhetoric in the Age of Obama [T] [A] [V]

  Kathleen Hicks: National War College Virtual Address [T] [A] [V]

  Kathleen Hicks: Address on New Military Tech and the Replicator Initiative [T] [A] [V]

  Kathleen Sebelius: On the Affordable Care Act [T] [V]

  Kathryn Kuhlman [A]

  Kay Bailey Hutchison: Texas Gubernatorial Concession Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Kay Bailey Hutchison: 9/11 Remembrance Remarks at NATO HQ [T] [A] [V]

  Kayleigh McEnany: First White House Press Briefing [T] [A] [V]

  (General) Keith Alexander: Black Hat Conference Security Briefing [T] [V]

  Keith Olbermann: Eulogy for "Stay the Course" [V]

  Kellyanne Conway: 2017 U.S. March for Life Rally Speech [T] [V]

  Kemi Badenoch: Statement to Parliament on Black History Month in the UK [T] [A] [V]

  Kenesaw Landis: Baseball Museum & Hall of Fame Dedication Speech [T] [A]

  Kenneth Burke: Drew Seminary Lecture on a Theory of Terms [T] [A]

  Kenneth Feinberg: Economic Club Address on BP Oil Spill [T] [A] [V]

  Ketanji Brown Jackson: USSC Nomination Acceptance Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ketanji Brown Jackson: USSC Confirmation Hearings Opening Statement [T] [A] [V]

  Kevin Costner: Speech at the Memorial Service for Whitney Houston [T] [V]

  Kevin McCarthy: Address to the Knesset of Israel  [T] [A] [V]

  Kevin McCarthy: Statement on Losing Speakership of the U.S. House [T] [V]

  Kim Mulkey: Press Statement Warning the Washington Post of Legal Action [T] [V]

  King Edward VIII: Abdication Speech [T] [A]

  King George VI: First Radio Address [T] [A]

  King Harald V: Norway Bombing Tragedies (English) [T] [V]

  King Harald V: Norway Bombing Tragedies (Norwegian) [T] [V]

  King Hussein of Jordan: Oslo II Interim Agreement Signing Speech  [T] [A] [V]

  King Willem-Alexander: Remembrance Day Address on the Holocaust [T] [V]

  King Willem-Alexander: Speech Apologizing for Netherlands' Role in Slavery [T] [V]

  Kirk Cousins: Big 10 Luncheon Kickoff Speech [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Address at Johns Hopkins University [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Statement to the Press on the Passing of Abe Shinzō [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Official Govt Statement on the Death of Abe Shinzō [T]

  Kishida Fumio: Speech to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Address to the New York Stock Exchange [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Remarks at the State Funeral for Abe Shinzo [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Statement on New National Defense Strategy & Defense Buildup [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Address to the Indian Council for World Affairs [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Address to a Joint Session of the Philippines Congress [T] [V]

  Kishida Fumio: Address to a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress [T] [V]

  Kofi Annan: Dept of Public Information Speech on Anti-Semitism [T]

  Kofi Annan: UN General Assembly Speech on Syria Peace Plan [T] [A]

  Kyriakos Mitsotakis: Remarks at a U.S. Diplomatic Reception  [T] [A] [V]

  Kyriakos Mitsotakis: Address to the U.S. Congress  [T] [A] [V]


  Labor & Industrial History Audio Archive [A]

¶  Lance Armstrong: 2005 Tour de France Victory Speech [A]

¶  Larry Fitzgerald: John McCain Arizona Memorial Address [T] [A] [V]

¶  Larry Lessig: On Laws That Choke Creativity (TED) [T] [V]

¶  Larry Strickling: ICANN 2011 Opening Ceremony Speech [T] [V]

¶  Latino Leaders Network: Luncheon Speeches [T] [V]

  Laura Bush: 2004 RNConvention Address [T] [A]

  Laura Bush: White House Correspondents Dinner Address [T] [A] [V]

  Laura Bush: Press Briefing on the Crisis in Burma [T] [A] [V]

  Laura Roehl: "Bill Buckner Would Approve" [T] [A] [V]

  LeeAnne Walters: On Contaminated Water in Flint, Michigan  [T] [A] [V]

  Lee Bollinger: World Leaders Forum Remarks on Ahmadinejad [T][V]

 Leonard Cohen: Prince Asturias Awards Acceptance Address [T] [V]

 Leonardo DiCaprio: United Nations Climate Summit Speech [T] [V]

 Leonardo DiCaprio: "Our Ocean" Conference Address [T] [A] [V]

 Leon Panetta: End of Operation New Dawn Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

 Leon Panetta: 2012 AIPAC Address [T] [V]

 Leon Panetta: 2012 National Press Club Address [T] [A] [V]

 Leon Panetta: Pentagon Press Conference on Women in Combat [T] [A] [V]

 Leon Panetta: Georgetown University Speech on Leadership [T] [A] [V]

 Leon Panetta: Farewell Address as Secretary of Defense [T] [A] [V]

 Leo Pererro: Statement to Congress on Foreign Worker Replacement [T] [A] [V]

 Leo Varadkar: St. Patrick's Day Address to the Nation on COVID-19 [T] [A] [V]

 Leo Varadkar: On Resigning as President and Leader of Fine Gael [T] [V]

 Les Miles and Matt Flynn: 2008 BCS Championship Speeches [T] [A]

  Lincoln-Douglas Debates [T]

 Linda Thomas-Greenfield: UNSC Speech on Humanitarian Impact of Russian Invasion [T] [V]

 Linda Thomas-Greenfield: On UN Vote to Suspend Russia from UNSC [T] [A] [V]

 Linda Thomas-Greenfield: UNSC Address on Russian Filtration in Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

 Linda Thomas-Greenfield: On UN Security Council Vote for Gaza Cease Fire Deal [T] [V]

 Lindsey Graham: American Israel Public Affairs Committee Speech [T] [A]

 Liz Cheney: USHOR Floor Speech on Liberty, Duty, and the Constitution [T] [A] [V]

 Liz Cheney: Address at the Reagan Foundation [T] [V]

 Liz Truss: First Downing Street Speech as Prime Minister [T] [V]

 Liz Truss: PM Resignation Address [T] [V]

 Liz Wahl: On-Air Resignation from RT [T] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: Speech on Assuming Command of U.S. Forces-Iraq [T] [A] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: Opening Statement to the Senate Armed Services Cmte [T] [A] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: PSA On Extremism in the Military [T] [A] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: Briefing with Gen. Milley on Afghanistan Evacuation Efforts [T] [A] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: Presser Following Ukraine Defense Consultative Meeting [T] [A] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: Statement to the Ukraine Defense Contact Group [T] [A] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: Joint Presser with MND Lee Jong-sup on DPRK [T] [A] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: Address to the Reagan Defense Forum [T] [A] [V]

  Lloyd J. Austin III: Address and Q&A Remarks to the Shangri-La Dialogue [T] [A] [V]

  Loretta Lynch: Attorney General Installation Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Loretta Lynch: FIFA Corruption Charges Press Conference [T] [A] [V]

  Loretta Lynch: Remarks on North Carolina House Bill 2 [T] [A] [V]

  Loretta Lynch: 16th Street Baptist Church Address [T] [V]

  Lori Lightfoot: Chicago Mayoral Concession Address [T] [A] [V]

  Lou Gehrig: Farewell to Baseball Address [T] [V]

  Louie Gohmert Speeches as U.S. Congressman (YouTube) [V]

  Louie Gohmert: House Floor Speech on America's Religious Heritage [T] [A] [V]

  Louie Gohmert: House Floor Speech Honoring Andrew Breitbart [T] [A] [V]

  Louie Gohmert: E-mail Communique on Holding Town Hall in East Texas [T]

  LSU 2020 National Championship Pregame Hype Video [T] [V]

  Luis Sandoval González: Conferencia de Prensas Sobre Tropas Fronteirza [T] [V]

  Luke Russert: Kennedy Center Memorial Remarks on Tim Russert [T] [A] [V]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: Memorial Day Address at Gettysburg [T] [A] [V]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: "Let Us Continue" [T] [A] [V]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: First State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: "The Great Society" [T] [A] [V]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: "We Shall Overcome" [T] [A]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: Howard University Commencement Speech [T] [A] [V]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: On Rising Tensions in the Middle East [T] [A]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: Renunciation Speech [T] [A] [V]

 Lyndon Baines Johnson: Final Public Speech [T] [A] [V]

 Lyirq Turner: Gardere 2016 MLK Oratory Contest Speech [T] [A] [V]



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