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Rhetorical Timeline: 9/11/01-10/07/02



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This SPECIAL ISSUE of the Online Speech Bank contains [114] active links to historic and recent speeches and other rhetorical artifacts following the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York and Washington D.C. Material in audio and streaming video formats requires a digital-audio player.

 Most Accessed 9/11 Rhetoric

Bin Laden Dispatch to Terrorists on the Eve of 9/11

President's Initial Remarks in Florida  9-11-01

President's Remarks at Barksdale AFB 9-11-01

President's Address to the Nation  9-11-01

Netanyahu Committee on Govt Reform 9-20-01

President's Address to Congress & Nation 9-20-01

NEW! 911 Commission Final Report.pdf

Meta-sites on The 9-11 Attacks

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks


9/11 - Timeline of Events

9/11 Commission Final Report.pdf

9/11 Commission Final Executive Summary (text-to-speech).mp3

Office of Inspector General Report on CIA Accountability.pdf

1998 interview with Usama bin Laden

1999 Interview with Ahmed Sattar     MP3

Usama Bin Laden Dispatch to Terrorists on the Eve of 9/11

September 11, 2001

911 Police Dispatches on the Pentagon Attack     MP3

President's Initial Remarks in Florida     MP3

President's Remarks at Barksdale AFB     MP3

NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani Press Conference   WMV

Shimon Peres with Tom Brokaw    MP3.1   MP3.2   MP3.3

Colin Powell's Remarks to the OAS

Donald Rumsfeld: DOD Press Briefing at the Pentagon     MP3

President's Address to the Nation     MP3

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Anan's Response     WMV

New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani     MP3

Senator Bob Graham     MP3

J-Post Radio -- Interviews with local Palestinian Citizens             MP3.1   MP3.2   MP3.3   MP3.4

UK Prime Minister Blair's Remarks on the Terrorist Attack

September 12-14, 2001

President's Address from Cabinet Room 9-12-01

Fred Thompson Senate Floor Speech  9-12-01

President's Memo: National Day of Prayer & Remembrance 9-13-01

President's Phone Call to NY Gov. Pataki and NY Mayor Giuliani 9-13-01    MP3.1   MP3.2

Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan (BBC News) 9-13-01     MP3

Secretary of State Colin Powell Interview with Jim Lehrer  9-13-01           MP3.1   MP3.2   MP3.3   MP3.4

President's Bullhorn Address to Ground Zero Workers 9-14-01

President's Address: National Prayer & Memorial Service 9-14-01             MP3

Imam Muzammil H. Siddiqi: Ntl. Prayer and Memorial Service    9-14-01     MP3.1   MP3.2

Canadian PM Jean Chrétien National Day of Mourning Address  9-14-01     MP3.1   MP3.2

President's Ground Zero Bullhorn Remarks to Rescue Workers

September 15-20, 2001

Congresswoman Lee: Dissenting Vote on War Resolution 9-15-01 MP3

PBS Interview of Taliban Experts 9-15-01

Israel Prime Minister Sharon Addresses the Knesset 9-16-01

Colin Powell's CNN Interview on Anti-Terrorist Campaign 9-16-01

Louis Farrakhan's Address on the Attack on America 9-16-01

President's Address at the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. 9-17-01   MP3

2nd Open Letter from Saddam Hussein to the American People 9-19-01

Al Qaeda Training Manual 9-20-01.pdf

Benjamin Netanyahu's Address to the Committee on Government Reform 9-20-01

President's Address to Congress and the Nation 9-20-01     MP3

October, 2001

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: Opening Remarks to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Terrorism

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair Address at Labor Party Conf. 10-02-01

President Bush Prays with Religious Leaders (Sightings) 10-03-01

President's Address to the Nation on the Initial OPs in Afghanistan 10-07-01

UK Prime Minister Blair's Statement on the Initial OPs 10-07-01

Usama bin Laden's Statement to the "Infidel" Nations 10-07-01

President Bush Delivers Pentagon Memorial Speech 10-11-01

CNN's 6 Questions for Usama bin Laden 10-16-01

Berkeley City Council Afghanistan Bombing Resolution 10-16-01

H.R. 3162 Anti-Terrorism (PATRIOT) Bill 10-26-01

November, 2001

President Bush's Address to the United Nations General Assembly

Colin Powell's Address to United Nations Security Council 11-12-01

Secretary of State Powell's Address on the Arab-Israeli Conflict 11-19-01

First Federal Indictment Pursuant to 11 Sept Attacks 11-12-01

Transcript of bin Laden's Video Discussing 11 Sept Attacks 12-13-01

January-October 2002

President George W. Bush: 2002 State of the Union Address 1-29-02 

John Walker Lindh Plea for Release 2-05-02

John Walker Lindh Indictment 2-05-02

Academic Position Statement: "What We're Fighting For" 2-12-02

Benjamin Netanyahu's Address to the U.S. Senate 4-10-02

Colleen Rowley's Memo to FBI on Advance 9/11 Warnings 5-21-02

Special Agent Wright on Advance Warnings of Attacks 5-30-02


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