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10 Days to War

Colonel Tim Collins Eve-of-Battle Speech to the Royal Irish Regiment

10 Things I Hate About You

Katarina "Kat" Stratford Delivers 'Hate' Poem in Class


Queen Gorgo Addresses the Spartan Council

Dilios' Battle Call at Plataea

49th Parallel

Peter the Hutterite Delivers Address on German 'Brotherhood'

A Beautiful Mind

John Nash: 1994 Nobel Prize Acceptance Address

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Adam's Rib

Doris Attinger Testifies on Husband's Murder

Amanda Bonner Delivers Closing Arguments

A Few Good Men

Colonel Nathan R. Jessep Addresses the Court on "Code Red"

Air Force One

President Marshall Delivers Surprise Anti-Terrorism Speech in Moscow

A Knight's Tale

Geoffrey Chaucer: First Declamation

Geoffrey Chaucer: Second Declamation

Geoffrey Chaucer: Third Declamation

Geoffrey Chaucer: Final Declamation


Ali Defends His Decision Not to Participate in Military Draft Induction

Ali's Historic and Monumental Moment with Howard Cosell

All Quiet on the Western Front

Professor Kantorek Preaches the Glory of the Fatherland

Paul Baumer Addresses Students on the Horrors of War

All The King's Men

Willie Stark Campaigns for Governor

Newly Elected Governor Willie Stark Addresses the People

A Man for All Seasons

Sir Thomas More Addresses the Court


John Quincy Adams Addresses the U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Story Reads he Decision of the U.S. Supreme Court

An Ideal Husband

Sir Robert Chiltern's Address to Parliament


Mayan Elder's Fireside Story (Popol Vuh )

Of Things to Come


Old School Safety Briefing


William Wallace Addresses the Scottish Army at Stirling

Cesar Chavez

A Better Tomorrow

Brian's Song

Gale Sayers Addresses Team on Brian Piccolo's Cancer

Gale Sayers George S. Halas Award for Courage Address

Chariots of  Fire

Master of Caius: Cambridge University Freshman Class Address

Eric Liddell Host Speech at the Scottish Folk Festival

Eric Liddell Evangelical Speech at the Scotland vs. Ireland Races

Eric Liddell Preaches at the Church of Scotland

Citizen Kane

Charles Kane on the Enquirer's Success

Citizen Kane Campaigns for Governor!

City Hall

Mayor Pappas Eulogizes James Bone


"All Oppressed People Should be Allowed Refuge in America"


Jonathan Wilk's Closing Argument Against Capital Punishment


Dr. Bennet Omalu Proposes a Formal Scientific Study of CTE

Dr. Bennet Omalu Addresses an NFL Players Association Conference

Cool Hand Luke

Carr "The Floor-Walker" Explains the Rules of the House

"Failure to Communicate"

Crimson Tide

Captain Ramsey Addresses the Crew of the USS Alabama

Captain Ramsey and Commander Hunter Debate the Nature of Nuclear War

Cry Freedom

Steve Biko Defends His Message to the South African Government

Darkest Hour

Winston Churchill Addresses the House of Commons Following Operation Dynamos


President Dave Kovic Negotiates Key Section of the Simpson-Garner Works Bills

DC 9/11 - Time of Crisis

President George W. Bush Address a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress


Professor Deborah Lipstadt Challenges Students on the Historicity of the Holocaust

Professor Deborah Lipstadt Meets Professor David Irving

Press Conference Following High Court of Justice Decision


Queen Elizabeth Addresses Rival Clergy on a Unified Church of England

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich Explains the Value of PG&E's Settlement Offer to PG&E's Attorneys

Field of Dreams

"People Will Come"


Captain Whitaker Testifies Before the NTSB

Whip Addresses Fellow Inmates on Lying and Justice

Ford v Ferrari

Henry Ford II Addresses Company Workers on the Factory Floor

Lee Iacocca Pitches Ferrari Company Ownership to 'the Deuce'

Carroll Shelby Introduces the Ford Mustang

Friday Night Lights

Coach Gaines: Sincere Warfare Speech

Coach Gaines: On 'Being Perfect'



"A Chronic and Habitual Liar"

 Sir Wilfrid Reopens the Case

Father Barry: "This is my Church!"


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