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5 Barbara Charline Jordan 1976 DNC Keynote Address mp3 PDF
13 Barbara Charline Jordan On the Articles of Impeachment mp3 PDF
27 Anna Howard Shaw Fundamental Principle of a Republic   PDF
35 Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Women's Rights are Human Rights mp3 PDF
38 Dorothy Ann Willis Richards 1988 DNC Keynote Address mp3 PDF
41 Margaret Chase Smith Declaration of Conscience   PDF
45 Barbara Pierce Bush Wellesley College Commencement mp3 PDF
50 Mary Fisher A Whisper of AIDS


55 Anna Eleanor Roosevelt The Struggle for Human Rights   PDF
56 Geraldine Anne Ferraro VP Nomination Acceptance mp3 PDF
65 Emma Goldman Address to the Jury   PDF
66 Carrie Chapman Catt The Crisis   PDF
69 Anita Faye Hill To the Senate Judiciary Committee mp3 PDF
73 Carrie Chapman Catt Address to the U.S. Congress   PDF
79 Elizabeth Glaser 1992 DNC Address mp3 PDF
81 Margaret Higgins Sanger The Children's Era    
82 Ursula Kroeber Le Guin Left-Handed Commencement   PDF
83 Crystal Eastman Now We Can Begin (off site)    
87 Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Statement at the Smith Act Trial   PDF
91 Shirley Anita Chisholm For the Equal Rights Amendment   PDF
98 Anna Eleanor Roosevelt The Declaration of Human Rights mp3 PDF
Speech Bank Top 100 Speeches Obama Speeches GWB Speeches Movie Speeches Rhetorical Figures 9/11 Speeches News/Research

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