Kishida Fumio

Statement on the Passing of ABE Shinzō

delivered 8 July 2022


Today, as the result of a sudden, outrageous act, former Prime Minister ABE Shinzo has passed away.

The despicable act that took the life of Mr. ABE Shinzo, carried out in the middle of an election, the very basis of democracy, is absolutely intolerable, and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

Possessing outstanding leadership and execution ability, Mr. ABE Shinzo, at the risk of his own life, took on the weighty responsibility of being prime minister for the sake of Japan, which faces a severe state of affairs both domestically and internationally. He did so over a total of eight years and eight months, the longest period in our constitutional history.

He worked to the very best of his ability to accelerate reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, applying his strong determination that "all Cabinet members are ministers for reconstruction" and "without the reconstruction of Tohoku, there will be no revival of Japan."

In extricating our nation from the long-term deflation that Japan had suffered under, he promoted economic policies comprising his "three arrows" of bold monetary easing, flexible fiscal policy, and a growth strategy that encourages private sector investment, making major contributions to the revitalization of the Japanese economy.

In his diplomatic and security policies amid an increasingly severe international situation, while positioning the solid Japan-U.S. Alliance as the cornerstone, he pursued diplomacy that took a panoramic perspective of the world map and he also worked tirelessly to realize a Free and Open Indo-Pacific. He moreover made every effort to prepare the legal structure for the Legislation for Peace and Security, building the foundation to foster the peace and prosperity of both Japan and the world.

He captured the major trends of the era, with work style reform, a social security system oriented to all generations, and a society in which all citizens are dynamically engaged, and, always examining the era one step into the future, across a broad spectrum of fields he left major achievements intended to carve out the future of this nation.

Upon hearing the sudden news of his death, I cannot hold back my grief.

Here, together with the Japanese people, I extend my heartfelt sympathies and pray that he rest in peace.









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