LSU 2020 National Championship Pregame Hype Video

Featuring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson


The closer I get to the top -- the more I think about rock-bottom.

The closer I get to the finish line -- the more I think about where I started.


I remember the past -- and it anchors me to the present.

I remember dark days and hungry nights.

I remember being told I wasn't good enough,

And wondering if it was true.


I remember having nothing, giving everything, and yet still falling short.


Rock-bottom transformed me, fortified me.

It made me who I am.

It made me promise myself to never go back, and to never forget.


I remember every doubt -- that's why I believe.

I remember every failure -- that's why I succeed.

I remember every defeat -- that's why I win.

I remember rock-bottom -- that's why I know where I'm going.





Text Style Note: A veritable celebration of Antithesis and Parallelism

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