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  Maciej Ceglowski: On Privacy Rights and Data Collection [T] [A] [V]

  Mack Brown & Vince Young: On UT's Victory in the 2006 Rose Bowl [T] [A]

  Macklemore: Opioid Abuse PSA with Barack Obama [T] [A] [V]

  Madeleine Albright: NATO Address on a New Strategic Concept [T] [A]

  Madeleine Albright: Speech Commemorating Intl. Women's Day [T] [A] [V]

  (Earvin) Magic Johnson: 1991 HIV and Retirement Press Conference [T] [V]

  Mahmoud Abbas: Oslo II Interim Agreement Signing Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Malcolm X [T]

  Malcolm X: "The Ballot or the Bullet" [T]

  Malcolm X: "The Ballot or the Bullet" [A]

  Malcolm X: Message to the Grassroots [T]

  Malcolm X: Message to the Grassroots [A]

  Malcolm X: 1963 Address at UC Berkeley [T]

  Malcolm X: 1963 Address at UC Berkeley [YouTube] [A]

  Mami Sato: "Tokyo 2020" Olympic Presentation Address to the IOC [T] [V]

  Manhattan Institute: Wilson Lectures [T] [A] [V]

  Manhattan Institute: Wriston Lectures [T] [A] [V]

  Manny Pacquiao: Mayweather-Pacquiao Pre-Fight Press Conference [T] [V]

  Marcus Garvey: On the Universal Negro Improvement Association [T] [A]

  Marco Rubio: Senate Floor Speech on Senate Civility [T] [A] [V]

  Margaret Chan: 69th World Health Assembly Address [T] [A] [V]

  Margaret Sanger: "The Morality of Birth Control [T]

  Margaret Sanger: "The Children's Era" [T]

  Margaret Chase Smith: "Declaration of Conscience" [T]

  Margaret Thatcher: "The Lady's Not For Turning" [T] [A] [V]

  Margaret Thatcher: Joint Session of US Congress Address [T] [A] [V]

  Margaret Thatcher: John Findley Foundation Lecture [T] [A]

  Margaret Thatcher: Eulogy for Ronald Reagan [T] [A]

  Maria Viotti: UN Security Council Speech on Israeli Settlements [T] [A]

  Marie Yovanovitch: Ukraine Crisis Media Center Anniversary Address [T]

  Marie Yovanovitch: Opening Statement to House Intel Committee [T] [A] [V]

  Mario Cuomo Speeches [T] [V]

  Mario Cuomo: 1984 Democratic National Convention Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Mario Cuomo: Religious Belief and Public Morality [T]

  Mario Cuomo: 1996 DNC Address [T] [V]

  Marion Jones-Thompson: Apology for False Statements and Steroids [T] [A] [V]

  Mario Savio: 1964 Address at Sproul Hall, UC Berkeley [T] [A]

  Mario Savio: 1965 UC Berkeley's Vietnam Day Teach-In [T]

  Mark Esper: DOD Press Conference August 2019 [T] [A] [V]

  Mark Esper: DOD Press Conference on Civil Unrest (3 June 2020) [T] [A] [V]

  Mark Lowcock: UN Security Council Address on the Crisis in Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Gen. Mark Milley: National Defense University 2020 Graduation Address [T] [A] [V]

  Gen. Mark Milley: National Army Museum Opening Ceremony Address [T] [A] [V]

  Mark Twain +++ [T]

  Mark Twain: Undelivered 4th of July Speech in London [T]

  Mark Twain: "Taxes and Morals" [T]

  Mark Twain: Layman's Sermon at the Majestic Theatre [T]

  Gen. Mark A. Welsh III: US Air Force Academy Cadet Address [T] [A] [V]

  Gen. Mark A. Welsh III: Campus Muster Ceremony Keynote Address [T] [V]

  Mark Zuckerberg: Opening Statement to Congress on Facebook [T] [A] [V]

  Mark Zuckerberg: Opening Statement to Congress on Libra [T] [V]

  Gen. Martin Dempsey: Landon Lecture [T] [A] [V]

  Gen. Martin Dempsey: Women in Combat Co-Presser [T] [A] [V]

  Gen. Martin Dempsey: Military Retirement Ceremony Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Martin Kimani: UN Security Council Statement on the Situation in Ukraine [T] [V]

  Martin Luther (selected sermons) [T]

  Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I Have a Dream" [T] [A]

  Martin Luther King, Jr.: Methodist Student Leadership Address [T] [A]

  Martin Luther King, Jr.: Address at Temple Israel of Hollywood [T] [A]

  Martin Luther King, Jr.: Eulogy for Minister James Reeb [T] [A]

  Martin Luther King, Jr.: Declaration Against the Vietnam War [T] [A]

  Martin Luther King, Jr.: "I've Been to the Mountaintop" [T] [A]

  Mary Church Terrell: What It Means to Be Colored in the U.S. [T]

  Mary Fisher: "A Whisper of Aids" [T] [A]

  Mary McLeod Bethune: What Democracy Means to Me [T] [A]

  (Col) Mason Dula: John Chapman MoH Plaque Unveiling Ceremony Address [T] [A] [V]

  Matt Drudge: Speech to the National Press Club [T] [A] [V]

  Matt Drudge: Q & A at the National Press Club [T] [A]

  Matthew McConaughey: Best Leading Actor Oscar Award Acceptance [T] [V]

  Matthew Miller: State Dept. Briefing Following Russian Wagner Group Rebellion [T] [A] [V]

  Matthew Miller: State Dept. Briefing on Israel-Hamas War Diplomacy [T] [A] [V]

  Maxine Waters: Presentation of Nelson Mandela's Congressional Medal [T] [A] [V]

  Maya Angelou: Presidential Inaugural Poem [T] [A]

  Maya Angelou: "His Day is Done" Poem Honoring Nelson Mandela [T] [A] [V]

  Mercury Theatre On The Air *** [A]

  Meron Reuben: Speech to the UN Security Council on Settlements [T] [A]

  Merrick B. Garland: Address on Voting Rights Policy and Enforcement [T] [V]

  Merrick B. Garland: Address on the One-Year Anniversary of the Capitol Incursion [T] [V]

  Merrick B. Garland: Statement on Potential Mishandling of Classified Documents [T] [V]

  Merrick B. Garland: On Charges Against China-Based Fentanyl Manufacturings [T] [V]

  Merrick B. Garland: Address Announcing Lawsuit Against Apple [T] [V]

  Mia Hamm: National Soccer Hall of Fame Induction Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Miami Heat: Remarks on Winning the 2006 NBA Championship [T] [A]

  Michael Bloomberg: Third Mayoral Inaugural Speech [T] [A]

  Michael Bloomberg: Speech on Religious Tolerance and NY Mosque [T] [A] [V]

  Michael Bloomberg: Remarks on Hurricane Sandy [T] [A]

  Michael Chang: International Tennis HOF Induction Speech [T] [A]

  Michael Dugan: Fire Department Instructors Keynote Speech [T] [V]

  Michael Hayden: National Press Club Address and Q&A [T] [A]

  Michael D. Higgins: Address to the Full UK Parliament [T] [V]

  Michael McCaul: RSA Conference 2017 Keynote Address [T] [V]

  Michael Moore: Oscar Acceptance Address for Best Documentary [T] [V]

  Michael Nutter: Mount Carmel Baptist Church Address [T] [A] [V]

  Michael Posner: "The Four Freedoms Turn 70" [T] [V]

  Michael Posner: "Internet Freedom and Human Rights" [T] [V]

  Michael Rogers: Opening Statement to the Senate Armed Services Cmte [T] [A]

  Michel Foucault: Audio Archive at UC Berkeley [A]

  Michel Foucault: The Culture of the Self [A]

  Michele Bachmann: Tea Party Response to the 2011 SOU [T] [V]

  Michelle Obama: 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech [T] [A]

  Michelle Obama: Women in Military Service Memorial Center [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: UC Merced Commencement Address [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: Speech Honoring Women in the Military [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: National Mentoring Month Address [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: Speech at West Point Graduation Banquet [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: Speech on Military Credentialing and Licensing [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: Introductory Remarks at Town Hall in Belfast  [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: Speech at Peking University on Studying Abroad [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: 'Let Girls Learn' Japan Partnership Announcement [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: Tuskegee University Commencement Address [T] [V]

  Michelle Obama: 'Let Girls Learn' London 2015 Address [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: 2016 Democratic National Convention Address [T] [A] [V]

  Michelle Obama: Southern New Hampshire University Address [T] [V]

  Mick Jagger: Introduction of The Beatles Rock & Roll HOF Induction [T] [V]

  Mick Mulvaney: White House Press Conference [T] [A] [V]

  Middle East Media Research Institute TV *** [T] [V]

  Mignon Clyburn: FCC Dissent Against Restore Internet Freedom Order [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Bowen: Statement to Congress on Domestic Surgical Mask Supply [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Conaway: On Call for Adam Schiff to Resign Chairmanship [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Huckabee: 2008 Conservative Political Action Committee Speech [T] [A]

  Mike Huckabee: 2008 Republican Convention Speech [T] [A]

  Mike Johnson: First Address as House Speaker  [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Mansfield: Eulogy to John F. Kennedy [T] [V]

  Mike Mullen: Military Farewell Retirement Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: 2016 VP Nomination Acceptance Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: 2017 March for Life Rally Address [T] [V]

  Mike Pence: 2017 Munich Security Conference Address [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: Defense of Persecuted Christians Summit Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: Argentine and Latin American Business Community [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: First Annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: Pentagon Speech on U.S. Space Force [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: UN Security Council Speech on Venezuela Crisis [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Address  [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pence: Malek Memorial Lecture Address [T] [V]

  Mike Pence: Eulogy for Ravi Zacharias [T] [V]

  Mike Pence: Senate Speech on the U.S. Capitol Building Riot [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Speeches as U.S. Secretary of State [T]

  Mike Pompeo: Iran Policy Address at the Heritage Foundation [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Supporting Iranian Voices Speech at the Reagan Library [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Presser on Iran Amity Treaty Termination [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Speech at the  American University in Cairo [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Organization of American States Address on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: UN Security Council Speech on Venezuela [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Address and Q&A at Texas A&M University [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Commission on Unalienable Rights Announcement [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: National Constitution Center Speech on Unalienable Rights [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: China Policy Speech at the Nixon Library [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Address and Q&A Before the Czech Senate [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Holy See Symposium Address [T] [A] [V]

  Mike Pompeo: Opening Statement to Congress on China Foreign Policy [T] [A] [V]

  Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Closing Statement at Khodorkovsky Court [T] [A]

  Mikko Hypponen: Fighting Viruses, Defending the Net (TED) [T] [V]

  Mikko Hypponen: Wired 2012 Address [T] [V]

  Miloš Vystrčil: Speech Introducing Mike Pompeo to the Czech Senate [T] [A] [V]

  Mircea Geoana: Remarks to the 2022 Budapest Forum [T] [A] [V]

  Mitch Daniels: Speech to CPAC 2011 [T] [V]

  Mitch Landrieu: Katrina 5 Commemoration Speech [T] [A]

  Mitch Landrieu: On Confederate Monuments Removal in New Orleans [T] [A] [V]

  Mitch McConnell: On Strengthening America's Middle East Security [T] [A] [V]

  Mitch McConnell: Floor Speech Post Capitol Building Incursion [T] [A] [V]

  Mitt Romney: Liberty Sunday Address [T] [A]

  Mitt Romney: "Faith In America" [T] [A] [V]

  Mitt Romney: "The Entitlement Society" [T] [A] [V]

  Mitt Romney: Remarks on the Tragedy in Aurora Colorado [T] [A] [V]

  Mitt Romney: Presidential Nomination Acceptance Address [T] [A] [V]

  Mitt Romney: First Debate with President Barack Obama [T] [A] [V]

  Mitt Romney: Second Debate with President Barack Obama [T] [A] [V]

  Mitt Romney: Third Debate with President Barack Obama [T] [A] [V]

  Mitt Romney: Senate Floor Speech in Support of Impeachment [T] [A] [V]

  Mohammad Sabah al-Salem al-Sabah: Gulf War Victory Commemoration [T] [A] [V]

  Mohandas Gandhi: Address at Kingsley Hall [T] [A]

  Mohandas Gandhi Speeches [T]

  Moses: Address to Israel at the Jordan River [T]

  Moshe Dayan: Eulogy for Ro'i Rotberg [T] [A]

  Mother Teresa: Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  Mother Teresa: 1994 National Prayer Breakfast Address [T] [A] [V]


  Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa: Day of Arafat Sermon 2022 [T] [V]

  Multicultural and Social Justice Speeches [T]

  (Princess) Muna al-Hussein: World Health Assembly Address [T] [V]

  Munich Security Conference Speeches [T] [V]

  Muse Bihi Abdi: On Relations Between Somaliland and Somalia [T] [V]

  Museum of Broadcast Communications *** [A] [V]


¶  Nancy Duarte (Duarte Designs): 2007 Keynote Address [V]

¶  Nancy Pelosi: HOR Floor Speech on Health Care Bill Vote [T] [A] [V]

¶  Nancy Pelosi: HOR Floor Speech on Seeking Democrat Leadership [T] [A] [V]

  Narendra Modi: Address to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress [T] [A] [V]

¶  NASA Speeches [T]

  National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Testimony [T] [V]

  National Human Genome Research Institute Speeches (1995-2016) [T]

  National Human Genome Research Institute Lectures [V]

  National Institutes of Health Speeches [V]

  National Press Club Speeches [T] [V]

  National Public Radio [T] [A] [V]

  National Rifle Association Speeches [V]

  Native American Speeches (middle left page) [T] [A] [V]

  Nathan Taylor: NPR 2006 Summer Intern Edition [A]

¶  NATO Speeches [T] [A] [V]

¶  Navi Pillay: 2011 International Human Rights Day Statement [T] [V]

¶  Nayib Armando Bukele: Address to the UN General Assembly 2023 [T] [V]

  Nazi Propaganda: 1933-1945 (Calvin College Archive) [T]

  Neil Armstrong: 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing [A]

  Neil Gaiman: 2012 Hugo Award Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  Neil Gorsuch: U.S. Supreme Court Nomination Acceptance [T] [A] [V]

  Nelson Mandela: Rivonia Trial Statement [T] [A]

  Nelson Mandela: Speech after Release from Pollsmoor Prison [T] [A] [V]

  Nelson Mandela: Speech to the UN Apartheid Committee [T] [A]

  Nelson Mandela: First U.S. Congress Joint Session Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Nelson Mandela: Inauguration Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Nelson Mandela: Speech Accepting Congressional Gold Medal [T] [A] [V]

  Nelson Mandela: 1951-2010 +++ [T]

  Neville Chamberlain: 'Clear Conscience' Address to the House of Commons [T]

  Neville Chamberlain: 'Hitlerism' Address to House of Commons [T]

  Newt Gingrich: Inaugural Address as House Speaker [T] [A] [V]

  Newt Gingrich: CPAC 2009 Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Newton Minow: Television and the Public Interest [T] [A]

  Nicholas Soames: Churchill Bust Dedication Ceremony [T] [A] [V]

  Nicola Sturgeon: On Scottish Independence Referendum [T] [V]

  Nicola Sturgeon: First Minister Resignation Address [T] [V]

  Nick Saban: Press Conference Remarks on Second Chances [T] [V]

  Nick Saban: Remarks on NCAA Name, Image and Likeness Policy [T] [A] [V]

  Nikki Giovanni: Remarks at the Virginia Tech Memorial Ceremony [T] [A] [V]

  Nikki Haley: Confederate Flag on South Carolina Statehouse Grounds [T] [A] [V]

  Nikki Haley: U.S. United Nations Mission Credentials Remarks [T] [V]

  Nikki Haley: First Address to the United Nations Security Council [T] [A] [V]

  Nikki Haley: On First UN Security Consultations Meeting on Middle East [T] [A]

  Nikki Haley: Address to the Council on Foreign Relations [T] [V]

  Nikki Haley: Human Rights Address at the Graduate Institute of Geneva [T] [V]

  Nikki Haley: UN Security Council Speech on North Korea's Escalation [T] [V]

  Nikki Haley: UN Security Council Speech on North Korea Sanctions [T] [V]

  Nikki Haley: State Dept Briefing on Iranian Weapons Exports [T] [A] [V]

  Nikki Haley: UN Security Council Speech on the Salisbury Incident [T] [A] [V]

  Nikki Haley: UN Security Council Speech on Syrian Air Strikes [T] [V]

  Nikki Haley: UN Thematic Debate on Human Rights [T] [A] [V]

  Nikki Haley: On U.S. Withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council [T] [A] [V]

  Nikki Haley: Heritage Foundation Speech on UN Human Rights Council  [T] [A] [V]

  Nina Shea: Tom Lantos Commission Opening Statement [T]

  Ninth Earl Spencer: Funeral Oration for Princess Diana [T] [V]

  Noam Chomsky Archive (lectures and interviews) [T] [A] [V]

  Nobel Economics Prize Acceptance Speeches [T] [A] [V]

  Nobel Literature Prize Acceptance Speeches [T] [A] [V]

  Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speeches [T] [A] [V]

  Nobusuke Kishi: Address to the U.S. Congress [T]

  NSA Speeches and Testimonies (2002-2020) [T]

  NSA Collection of William Friedman et al Speeches [T]

  Nuremberg Trial Transcripts [T]

  Nuclear Threat Initiative Speeches [T]


  Olaf Scholz: Bundenstag Speech on Russian Invasion of Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

  Old Time Radio Library (free downloadable mp3s) [A]

  Old Time Radio at the Internet Archive [A]

  Oliver North: Opening Statement Senate Iran Contra Hearings [T] [A] [V]

  ONE Campaign to Make Poverty History [T] [A] [V]

¶  Oprah Winfrey: Eulogy for Rosa Parks [T] [A] [V]

¶  Oprah Winfrey: Cecil B. Demille Award Acceptance [T] [V]

¶  Orson Welles: Tribute to Jimmy Stewart [T] [V]

¶  Orson Welles: The War of the Worlds [A]

¶  Oscar Award Speeches (YouTube) [V]

  Oskar Schindler: Farewell to Jewish Workers at Brunnlitz [T]

  Oslo II Speeches by Clinton, Peres, Mubarak, Hussein, Arafat, Rabin [T] [A] [V]


  Pacifica Radio Archives [T] [A]

  Pat McCrory: Address On Signing North Carolina House Bill 2 [T] [V]

  Pat McCrory: Address On Complaint Against Department of Justice [T] [A] [V]

  Patrick Buchanan: 1992 RNC ("Culture Wars") Address [T] [V]

  Patrick Buchanan: 1996 Presidential Candidacy Announcement [T]

  Patrick Buchanan: New Patriotism Speech [T]

¶  Patrick Buchanan: Reformed Party Nomination Acceptance [T] [A]

  Patrick Fitzgerald: Presser on Blago Trial Verdict  [T] [A]

  Patrick Henry: "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" [T]

  Patrick Kennedy: Eulogy for Ted Kennedy, Sr. Address [T] [A] [V]

  Patrick S. Ryder: DOD  Health Status Update on SecDef Lloyd J. Austin [T] [A] [V]

  Patrick S. Ryder: On Iran's Launching of Airborne Threats Against Israel [T] [A] [V]

  Paul Bremer: TD Waterhouse Keynote Address on Iraq [T] [A]

  Paul Harvey "The Rest of the Story" Archives [A]

  Paul Harvey: "If I Were the Devil" [T] [A]

  Paul Harvey: "The Parable of the Birds" [T] [A]

  Paul Harvey: God Made A Farmer Speech to the FFA [T] [A]

  Paul Harvey: On Pastor Joe Wright's Kansas Legislature Invocation [T] [A]

  Paul Hogan: Remarks at the 59th Academy Awards [T] [V]

  Paul Keating: Reconciliation Address at Redfern Park [T] [A] [V]

  Paul Nakasone: On Combating Election Interference from Foreign Adversaries [T] [A] [V]

  Paul Newman: 1968 DNC Tribute to Adlai Stevenson [T] [A]

  Paul Ryan: 2012 RNC VP Nomination Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  Paul Ryan: Speech on the State of American Politics [T] [V]

  Paul Scalia: Homily for Antonin Scalia [T] [V]

  Paul the Apostle: Address to the Athenians at the Areopagus [T]

  Paul Wolfowitz: Remarks at the 38th Verkunde Conference in Munich [T]

  Peiter Zatko: Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Twitter [T] [V]

  Pericles: Funeral Oration [T]

¶  Pete Buttigieg: Announcement of Major New Airline Consumer Protection Rules [T] [V]

  Peter J. Forcelli: Opening Stmt to the House Oversight Committee [T] [A] [V]

  Peter Kithene: Speech Accepting the CNN 'Medical Marvel' Award [T] [A] [V]

  Peter Kithene: Address at the UW Donor Gala Event [T] [A] [V]

  Peter MacDonald: Navajo Code Talkers Speech at the White House [T] [A] [V]

  Pete Sampras: International Tennis HOF Induction Address [T] [A]

  Peyton Manning: Indianapolis Colts Farewell Press Conference [T] [V]

  Peyton Manning: Remarks at Retirement Press Conference [T] [V]

  Phil Davidson: 75th Anniversary of WWII Commemoration Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Phil Jackson: Address at the Memorial for Jerry Buss [T] [A] [V]

  Phillip Knight: Address at the Public Memorial for Joe Paterno [T] [V]

  Plato: "Apology" (3 speeches by Socrates at His Trial) [T]

  Pledge of Allegiance (featuring audio by John Wayne) [T] [A]

  Pope Benedict XVI Speeches (2005-2013) [T]

  Pope Benedict XVI: Papal Election Address [T] [V]

  Pope Benedict XVI: Speech at the White House [T] [A] [V]

  Pope Benedict XVI: United Nations General Assembly Address [T] [A] [V]

  Pope Benedict XVI: Yad Vashem Address [T] [A] [V]

  Pope Francis Speeches [T]

  Pope Francis Speeches [V]

  Pope Francis: Address at the White House [T] [ [A] [V]

  Pope Francis: Address to a Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Pope John Paul II: Speech to 12 U.S. Cardinals re Sex Abuse [T]

  Pope John Paul II Speeches (1978-2005) [T]

  Presidential Campaign Ads *** [T] [V]

  Presidential Speeches: Miller Center for Public Affairs *** [T] [A] [V]

  Presidential Speeches ( [T]

  Prime Minister of Canada Speeches (recent) [T]

  Prime Ministers of Canada Speeches (previous/archived) [T]

  Prime Minister of India Speeches [T]

  Prime Minister of Israel Speeches (Recent) [T]

  Prime Minister of Jamaica Speeches [T]

  Prime Minister of Japan Speeches (Recent) [T]

  Prime Minister of Japan Speeches (Previous/Archived) [T]

  Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe Speeches [T]

  Prime Minister of Malaysia Speeches [T]

  Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Speeches [T]

  Prince Harry Charles David of Wales: Eulogy for Princess Diana [T] [V]

  Prince of Wales Speeches (by topic and year) [T]

  Prince of Wales Speeches [V]

  Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Speeches [T]

  Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Speeches[V]


  Queen Elizabeth II: 1957 Address to the UN General Assembly [T] [A] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: First Televised Christmas Day Message [T] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: Tribute to Princess Diana [T] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: Address to a Joint Session of the VA Assembly [T] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: 2010 Address to the UN General Assembly [T] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: First 2019 Address to Open Parliament [T] [A] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: Second 2019 Address to Open Parliament [T] [A] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: Palm Sunday Coronavirus Address to the Kingdom [T] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: 75th Anniversary of VE Day Address [T] [V]

  Queen Elizabeth II: Christmas Day 2021 Message [T] [V]


  Rahm Emanuel: Farewell as White House Chief of Staff [T] [A] [V]

  Rahm Emanuel: Chicago Mayoral Victory Address [T] [V]

  Rahm Emanuel: Apology Address to the Chicago City Council [T] [V]

  Ralph Bellamy: 1968 DNC Tribute to Adlai Stevenson [T] [A]

  Ralph Waldo Emerson: Cambridge Phi Beta Kappa Society Speech [T]

  Randall Schriver: Pentagon Briefing on China's Military and Security [T] [A] [V]

  Rand Paul: Floor Speech on the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act [T] [A] [V]

  Randy Pausch: "Last Lecture" (YouTube) [V]

  Raul Castro: Speech to the Nation on Cuba-US Policy Changes [T] [V]

  Rayfield Wright: Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Address [T] [A]

  Gen. Ray Odierno: Iraq Command Farewell Speech [T] [A]

  Gen. Ray Odierno: US Army Force Restructure Plans Briefing [T] [A] [V]

  Rebecca Latimer Felton: Speech to the U.S. Senate [T]

  Red Skelton: Commentary on the Pledge of Allegiance [T] [A] [V]

  Reese Witherspoon: 2006 Oscar Award Address for Best Lead Actress [T] [V]

  Reggie White's Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Speech [T]

  Regina Benjamin: On Nomination for U.S. Surgeon General [T] [A] [V]

  Rex Tillerson: First Address to Staff as U.S. Secretary of State [T] [A] [V]

  Rex Tillerson: Address to Staff on "America First" Foreign Policy [T] [A] [V]

  Rex Tillerson: Statement on the Qatar Blockade [T] [A] [V]

  Rex Tillerson: International Religious Freedom Report [T] [A] [V]

  Rex Tillerson: Speech On the Way Forward in Syria [T] [V]

  Rex Tillerson: Farewell Remarks at the State Department [T] [A] [V]

  Rhetoric and the 9-11 Attacks on America [T] [A] [V]

  Rhetorical Literacy: 30 Significant 21st Century Speeches in America [T] [A] [V]

  Ricardo S. Sanchez: News Reporters and Editors Forum Address  [T] [A] [V]

  Ric Grenell: White House Presser on Serbia-Kosovo Agreement [T] [A] [V]

  Richard Brodhead: The Ethics of Trying Cases in the Media (Apology) [T] [A] [V]

  Richard Clarke: 9/11 Commission Testimony [T] [A] [V]

  Richard DesLauriers: FBI Presser on Boston Marathon Bombings [T] [A] [V]

  Richard Feynman: Lectures on Physics [A]

  Richard Fuld: Testimony to Congress on Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy [T] [A] [V]

  Richard Gordon: Senate Speech on China's New Coast Guard Law [T] [A] [V]

  Richard Newton: DOD Briefing on the 'Bent Spear' Incident [T] [A]

  Richard M. Nixon: "Checkers" [T] [A] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: 1960 RNC Address [T] [A]

  Richard M. Nixon: Opening Statement, 1st Debate with JFK [T] [A]

  Richard M. Nixon/John F. Kennedy Debates [T] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: 1962 California GOP Concession Speech [A]

  Richard M. Nixon: Telephone Call to Apollo 11 Astronauts on the Moon [T] [A] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: Undelivered Moon Disaster Speech [T]

  Richard M. Nixon: United Nations General Assembly Speech [T] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: The Great Silent Majority [T] [A] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: Cambodian Incursion Address [T] [A]

  Richard M. Nixon: On Vietnam [T] [A] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: Shanghai Banquet Toast [T] [A] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: Second Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A]

  Richard M. Nixon: 1974 State of the Union [T] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: Resignation Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: Farewell Address to Cabinet [T] [A] [V]

  Richard M. Nixon: The Watergate Tapes [T] [A]

  (Prof.) Richard Quinn: Lecture to Students on Cheating [T] [V]

  Rick Beato: Statement on Music Education and Fair Use on YouTube [T] [A]

  Rickey Henderson: Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Speech [T] [V]

  Rick Perry: Presidential Candidacy Announcement [T] [A] [V]

  Rick Perry: Presidential Campaign Suspension Address [T] [A] [V]

  Rick Warren: Invocation Prayer at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration [T] [A] [V]

  Risa Hontiveros: Senate Statement on Rising Tensions in the West Philippines Sea [T] [V]

  Rishi Sunak: First Address as Prime Minster of the United Kingdom [T] [V]

  Rishi Sunak: Commons Address on UK Contaminated Blood Findings [T] [A] [V]

  Riyad Mansour: UN Security Council Speech on Israeli Settlements [T] [A]

¶  Robert C. Byrd: "The Arrogance of Power" (Senate Floor Speech) [T] [A] [V]

  Robert Cone: Speech at the Fort Hood Memorial [T] [A] [V]

  Robert E. Lee: Farewell to the Army of Virginia [T]

  Robert F. Kennedy: Speeches as U.S. Attorney General (1961-1963) [T]

  Robert F. Kennedy: Georgia Law Day Address [T] [A]

  Robert F. Kennedy: Remarks to House Judiciary Committee on HR 7152 [T]

  Robert F. Kennedy: 1964 DNConvention Address [T] [A]

  Robert F. Kennedy: Day of Affirmation Speech at Cape Town University [T] [A]

  Robert F. Kennedy: Recapturing America's Moral Vision [T] [A]

  Robert F. Kennedy: On the Death of Martin Luther King [T] [A] [V]

  Robert F. Kennedy: Speech at the City Club of Cleveland [T] [A] [V]

  Robert F. Kennedy: Speeches in South Africa [T] [A]

  Robert Gates: World Democracy Forum Address [T] [A] [V]

  Robert Gates: Press Conference on Admiral Fallon's Retirement [T] [A] [V]

  Robert Gates: Farewell Remarks to Admiral William Fallon [T]

  Robert Gates: Commencement Address at the University of Georgia [T] [A] [V]

  Robert Gates: Final Address at the U.S. Military Academy [T] [A] [V]

  Robert Gates: Final Washington Defense Policy Address at the AEI [T] [A] [V]

  Robert Gates: 125th Meeting of Public Land Grant Universities Address [T] [V]

  Robert Griffin III: Heisman Trophy Award Acceptance Speech [T] [V]

  Robert Heyer: Statement to Congress Honoring Brian A. Terry [T] [A] [V]

  Robert K. Hur: Statement on MS-13 Prosecution Measures [T] [A] [V]

  Robert K. Hur: Statement to Congress on the Special Counsel's Report [T] [A] [V]

  Robert Kraft: 2004 Super Bowl Victory Speech [T] [A]

  Robert Kraft: 2005 Super Bowl Victory Speech [T] [A]

  Robert Kraft: 2017 Super Bowl Victory Speech [T] [V]

  Robert La Follette: Free Speech in Wartime [T]

  Robert La Follette: Passive Citizenship is Not Enough (11 August 1924) [A]

  Robert Mueller: FBI 100 Year Anniversary Speech [T]

  Robert Mueller: Pan Am 103 20-Year Memorial Address [T]

 Robert Mueller: 2012 RSA Cybersecurity Conference Speech [T] [V]

 Robert Mueller: Statement on the Special Counsel's Russia Investigation [T] [V]

  Robert O'Brien: China Policy Address in Phoenix [T] [V]

  Robert Oppenheimer: "The Atomic Bomb" [T] [A]

  Robert Wood: UN Security Council Statements on Proposed Ceasefire in Gaza [T] [V]

  Robert Wood: UN Security Council Statement on Full Palestinian Membership [T] [V]

  Robert Sloan: Press Conference on Baylor Presidency [T] [A]

 MP Robin Cook: Resignation Address to the House of Commons [T] [V]

  Roch Longueépée: Honoring UN Human Rights Declaration [T] [A] [V]

  Rod Beckstrom: Address at ICANN 2012 in San Jose, Costa Rica [T] [V]

  Rodolfo S. Azurin: Press Statement on Courtesy Resignation Directive [T] [A] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: Presidential Speeches (scroll to Jun 25 2022-Nov 22 2018) [T] [A] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: 3rd State of the Nation Address [T] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: On the Return of the Bells of Balangiga [T] [A] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: 75th United Nations General Assembly Address [T] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: Speech to Troops on the Newly Delivered Air Assets [T] [A] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: 26th International Conference on the Future of Asia Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: Remarks on the Passing of President Benigno S. Aquino [T] [A] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: 76th United Nations General Assembly Address [T] [V]

  Rodrigo Roa Duterte: Address on the 158th Birth Anniversary of Andres Bonifacio [T] [A] [V]

  Rod Rosenstein: Constitution Day Address at the Heritage Foundation [T] [A] [V]

  Rod Rosenstein: Presser on Indictment Against Russian Nationals [T] [A] [V]

  Rod Rosenstein: Presser on Indictment Against Iranian Hackers [T] [A] [V]

  Rod Rosenstein: On Election Hacking Indictment Against Russian Officers [T] [A] [V]

  Rod Rosenstein: Aspen Institute Speech on Cybersecurity [T] [V]

  Roe v Wade: Oral Arguments by Weddington and Floyd [T] [A]

  Ronald Fogleman: On U.S. Air Force Standards and Accountability [T]

  Ronald Fogleman: Tuskegee Airman's Legacy to Youth Address [T]

  Ronald Reagan: Radio Address on Socialized Medicine [T] [A]

  Ronald Reagan: "A Time for Choosing" (aka "The Speech") [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Announces Candidacy for California Governor [T] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: 1976 Republican Convention Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: "What Ever Happened to Free Enterprise" [T] [A]

  Ronald Reagan: Campaign Speech on Church and State [T] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Labor Day Speech at Liberty State Park [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: 1980 RNConvention Acceptance Address [T] [A]

  Ronald Reagan: First President-Elect Victory Speech [T] [A]

  Ronald Reagan: First Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A]

  Ronald Reagan: Speech Presenting the Medal of Honor to Roy Benavidez [T] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: On Economic Recovery to a Joint Session of Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Address to the NAACP [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: First State of the Union Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Memorial Day Speech Arlington National Cemetery [T] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: DOD Memorial Day Tribute [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Address to British Parliament [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: "The Evil Empire" [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Strategic Defense Initiative Address to the Nation [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: KAL 007 Disaster Address to the Nation [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Remarks with Coretta Scott King on MLK Holiday Bill [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Address to the National Diet of Japan [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Address on US-USSR Relations [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Address to the National Religious Broadcasters [T] [A]

  Ronald Reagan: Remarks at Shannon Airport in Shannon Ireland [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: 40th Anniversary of D-Day Address at Pointe du Hoc [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: 40th Anniversary of D-Day Address at Omaha Beach [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Remarks at Dallas Prayer Breakfast [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Second Presidential Inaugural Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: NSA Facilities Dedication Ceremony Address [T] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: On Signing the Tax Reform Act of 1986 [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Iran Contra Address to the Nation [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: On the USSC Nomination of Robert Bork [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: INF Treaty Signing Remarks with SecGen Gorbachev [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Moscow State University Address [T] [A]

  Ronald Reagan: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: Farewell Address to the Nation [T] [A] [V]

  Ronald Reagan: 83rd Birthday Gala Speech [T] [A]

  Ron Paul: Farewell Address to Congress [T] [A] [V]

  Ron Paul: CPAC 2011 Remarks [T] [A] [V]

  Ron Reagan: Eulogy for Ronald Reagan [T] [V]

  Rosemary Nyirumbe: CNN Community Crusader Award Acceptance [T] [A]

  Ross Greer: To Parliament Marking One Year of Russia's War Against Ukraine [T] [A] [V]

  Roy Benavidez: On Faith, Determination, and Having a Positive Attitude [T] [V]

  Roy Carson: Interview with Fernando Egana for VHeadline [T] [A]

  RSA Conference Addresses (2013-Present) [V]

  Rudy Giuliani: 9/11 United Nations General Assembly Speech [T] [A] [V]

  Rudy Giuliani: 2004 RNConvention Address [T] [V]

  Rudy Giuliani: 2008 RNConvention Address [T] [V]

  Rupert Murdoch: "Bring Back the Pioneer" (First Boyer Lecture) [T] [A]

  Rupert Murdoch: "The Future of Newspapers" (Third Boyer Lecture) [T] [A]

  Rush Limbaugh: Radio Program Daily Transcripts and Audio [T] [A]

  Rush Limbaugh: Radio Program Video [A] [V]

  Rush Limbaugh: Address to Incoming House GOP Freshmen [T] [A]

  Rush Limbaugh: Opening Radio Address Following Drug Treatment [T] [A]

  Rush Limbaugh: Hillsdale College Churchill Dinner Address [T] [A]

  Rush Limbaugh: Conservative Political Action Committee Keynote [T] [A] [V]

  Rush Limbaugh: Remarks on Andrew Breitbart [T] [V]

  Russell Conwell: "Acres of Diamonds" [T] [A]

  Russell Means: Testimony to a Senate Committee on Indian Affairs [T] [V]

  Ruth Bader Ginsburg: U.S. Supreme Court Nomination Acceptance [T] [A] [V]

  Ryan D. McCarthy: On Fort Hood Review Findings and Recommendations [T] [A] [V]

  Ryan Pitts: Medal of Honor Induction Ceremony Address [T] [A] [V]

  Ryne Sandberg: Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Speech [T] [V]



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