Robert Griffin III

Heisman Trophy Award Acceptance Address

delivered day 10 December 2011, Times Square, New York


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Well, now that my socks are out there, I got nothing to lose, right?


You know, this moment right here, it's -- it's unbelievably believable.1 You know, it's unbelievable because in the moment, we're all amazed when great things happen. But it's believable because, you know, great things don't happen without hard work. You know, the great coach Art Briles always says great things only come with great effort, and we've certainly worked for this.

That's right, everybody associated with Baylor University has a -- has a reason to celebrate tonight. You know, to my teammates, I'd like to say thank you. As we say: "The hotter the heat, the harder the steel. No pressure, no diamonds. We compete, we win. We are Baylor."

Baylor we are and Baylor we'll always be, but it's up to us to define what that means, and this Heisman Trophy is only the beginning of that process.

To Baylor Nation, I say this is a forever kind of moment. May we be blessed to have many more like it in the future. God always has a plan, and in this moment -- You know, God always has a plan, and it's our job to fulfill it. And in this moment, we have.

To my dad and my mom, my fiancée, my sisters, Jihan and DeJon, my beautiful niece, Hope, to my family, to my friends, to my teammates, to coach Briles and the coaching staff, to the Baylor administration and Ken Starr, to the city of Copperas Cove and the city of Waco, and all of Baylor nation I say thank you for all your loving support, through the tough times like knee surgeries and glorious moments like this one.

Thank you to the Heisman Trophy Trust and all the Heisman Trophy winners for giving me a chance to be a part of this family.

And, you know, last but not least, I want to thank God for giving me all these -- these great people to be in my life.

Thank you.

Robert Griffin Heisman Highlight Reel

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