Neil Gaiman

Hugo Award Acceptance Address for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)

delivered 2 September 2012, Chicago, Illinois


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I have a superstition, which is, if I write a speech then I won't get the award. So I didn't write the speech. And then I was sitting there and I suddenly thought, "If I don't write down some names I'm going to forget things," so I -- I -- I --

First of all, nearly 50 years ago a show began on BBC TV that -- that showed us what it meant to be bigger on the inside.

And as you can see, that show has actually ramified into completely, 100 percent, taking over the "Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)." Not only did you get The Doctor's Wife, and The Girl Who Waited, and A Good Man Goes to War -- obviously from the original Doctor Who -- but you also got Remedial Chaos Theory from the Doctor Who-inspired Inspector Spacetime spinoff, Community. And "The Drink Tank's" Hugo acceptance speech, which was, as everybody here obviously knew, pretty much a perfect recreation of 1965's, "The Awards Ceremony of the Daleks." It -- That's not true. Otherwise, it would have been on Wikipedia tomorrow.

Doctor Who is -- is a show that, for 50 years, has celebrated intelligence over brawn; intelligent -- it -- it's celebrated love and hope; and it's a show that's made us think. I've realized only this afternoon that it had completely conquered the world, as a 14-year-old high school freshman informed me that she'd made her friends in her first week at school here in Chicago by spotting just the other people wearing the Doctor Who t-shirts. And I thought: We've won.

I want to thank Richard Clark, the director, who also wants to thank everybody who voted for him.

I want to thank Stephen Moffat, the incredible show-runner. It's -- It's always embarrassing in "The Doctor's Wife" when somebody says how much they love it to me, and I say "Thank you so much," and then they quote one of their favorite lines and I have to say, "Yeah, that was Stephen Moffat's."

I want to thank Russell T. Davies for bringing Doctor Who back.

I want to thank Sydney Newman and Verity Lambert for starting the whole thing almost 50 years ago.

I want to thank Paul Cornell, who, when I told him my mad idea for a Doctor Who episode, not only said that it would work but told me what the good bit of the idea was -- which I completely missed.

And I want thank Steven Manfred, who was my Doctor Who consultant the whole way.

And, of course, Matt Smith, Suranne Jones, and the cast.

And, obviously, having written an episode that everybody loved, it would be the act of a fool or a madman to try and do it again -- so I'm on the third draft right now....[inaudible]

Thank you, very much.

Neil Gaiman Discusses Doctor Who episode: "The Doctor's Wife"

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