Mitch McConnell

Senate Floor Speech Following Capitol Building Incursion

delivered 6 January 2021, Washington, D.C.

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Senator McConnell: Mr. President.

Senate President Pence: The Majority Leader.

Senator McConnell: I ask unanimous consent the Majority Leader and the Democratic Leader be allowed to speak and that the time not account against two hours of debate in relation to the objection raised on the state of Arizona.

Senate President Pence: Is there objection? Without objection, so ordered.

Senator McConnell: I want to say to the American people, the United States Senate will not be intimidated. We will not be kept out of this chamber by thugs, mobs, or threats. We will not bow to lawlessness or intimidation. We are back at our posts. We will discharge our duty under the Constitution and for our nation. And we're going to do it tonight.

This afternoon, Congress began the process of honoring the will of the American people and counting the Electoral College votes. We have fulfilled this solemn duty every four years for more than two centuries. Whether our nation's been at war or at peace, under all manner of threats; even during an ongoing armed rebellion and the Civil War, the clockwork of our democracy has carried on.

The United States and the United States Congress have faced down much greater threats than the unhinged crowd we saw today. We've never been deterred before and we'll be not deterred today. They tried to disrupt our democracy -- they failed. They failed. They failed to attempt to obstruct the Congress. This failed insurrection only underscores how crucial the task before us is for our Republic.

Our nation was founded precisely so that the free choice of the American people is what shapes our self-government and determines the destiny of our nation.

Not fear. Not force. But the peaceful expression of the popular will.

Now, we assembled this afternoon to count our citizensí votes and to formalize their choice of the next President. Now we're going to finish what we started. We'll complete the process the right way, by the book. We'll follow our precedents, our laws, and our Constitution to the letter. And we will certify the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Criminal behavior will never dominate the United States Congress.

This institution is resilient.

Our democratic republic is strong.

The American people deserve nothing less.

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