Jameis Winston

Heisman Trophy Acceptance Address

delivered 14 December 2013, New York, New York


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First and foremost I just want to thank God and the Heisman trustees and the Heisman -- past Heisman winners for allowing this dream to come true.

So many people instilled in me trust and the process. From there, know the truth. I trusted in the process when I was playing for the Bessemer Tigers, won my first championship when I was 14 years old.

My dad also told me, "J-Boo, good ain't never going to be good enough." And my beautiful mother was sitting there constantly rooting me on, motivating me even when our relationship wasn't as strong as it is right now. And my dad's friend, Chad Babin was telling me, "Leave him alone -- he['s] going to win the Heisman anyway."

And I trusted in the process when coach Scott, back in Hueytown, Alabama, had came in and took over the program and told me he was going to make me the best quarterback in the nation as I was running a "Wing-T" offense my whole life.

I trusted in the process when I went against the grain of making a -- a decision with coach [Jimbo] Fisher and "11" [FSU baseball coach Mike Martin] and "Meat" [Martin's son, the hitting coach], deciding whether I was going to play baseball, or go to the pros, or come to Florida State and play both sports.

I trusted in the process with my main man, coach [Dameyune] Craig -- still -- I -- I still love that man to the day -- he left for Auburn for the -- for the job of his dreams. And coach Fisher sat me down and said, "Hey, I coached coach Craig, so I know I'm going to be able to prepare you real." And now that man['s] like a father figure to me.

I trusted in the process that evaluating facts and its truth is delivered with positive outcomes, because after all the things I've been through this past month -- I remember when my daddy trusted in the process, when he risked his job and was jobless three years ago, when I was out there, doing whatever I did to provide for my family, because I know he couldn't do it. Me and my momma having to pay bills; me and my momma making everything happen. And that man, he kept fighting me. But the truth prevailed because eventually, I got me a scholarship. I kept my education up. I kept bringing everything home. We ate every single night.

This Heisman isn't just for Jameis Winston. It's for Florida State. And I -- I love everybody in here. I can't be that much -- I mean I'm so blessed right now, man.... It means so much to me, but I got one thing to say: At Florida State, if we['re] going to do it then, we do it big then.

Thank ya'll.


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