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"49th Parallel" (1941)


Peter the Hutterite Addresses Aryanism's 'New World Order'

Audio mp3 of Address delivered by Anton Walbrook


Peter the Hutterite: I donít ask where you come from or what brought you here, although youíve left us in no doubt as to your beliefs. Someone has given you, no doubt deliberately, a completely false impression of us.

We are only one amongst many foreign settlements in Canada. There are thousands of them in this part of the world. And they have been founded -- some recently, some 80 years ago -- by people who left their homes in Europe because of famine, because of starvation, because of racial and political prosecution, and some, like ourselves, because of their faith. Some came only to find new land, new boundaries, and new worlds.

But all have found here in Canada the security, peace, and tolerance, and understanding which in Europe it is your Fuhrerís pride to have stamped out!

You call us Germans. You call us brothers. Yes, most of us are Germans. Our names are German. Our town is German. Our old handwritten books are in German scripts.

But we are not your brothers.

Our Germany is dead.

However hard this may be for some of us older people, itís a blessing for our children. Our children grow up against new backgrounds, new horizons. And they are free! Free to grow up as children. Free to run and to laugh without being forced into uniforms, without being forced to march up and down the streets singing battle songs!!

You talk about the new order in Europe!

The new order: where there will not be one corner, not a hole big enough for a mouse, where a decent man can breathe freely.

You think we hate you, but we don't. It is against our faith to hate. We only hate the power of evil which is spreading over the world. You and your Hitlerism are like the microbes of some filthy disease -- filled with the longing to multiply yourselves until you destroy everything healthy in the world.

No, we are not your brothers.

Media Source Note: Full Movie w/ Public Domain Mark 1.0 at the Internet Archive.

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