American Rhetoric: Movie Speech

"Apocalypto" (2006)


"Of Things to Come"


Flint Sky: I am Flint Sky. I have hunted this forest from the day I came of age. My father hunted this forest with me and before me. Jaguar Paw, my son, he hunts this forest with me. He will hunt it with his son after I am gone.

[looks at the refugee clan's fish offering]

Flint Sky: A good catch?

Refugee Clan Leader: Good waters, here.

Flint Sky: The forest gives much here.

Refugee Clan Leader: We ask only to pass through.

Flint Sky: Pass.

Jaguar Paw: Keep safe as you pass.

Refugee Clan Leader: Let's go. [to tribal clan who come out of hiding and proceed to pass through the jungle] Our lands were ravaged. We seek a new beginning.

Jaguar Paw: Your lands were ravaged?

Refugee Clan Leader: Yes. We seek a new beginning.

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