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"Friday Night Lights" (2004)


Coach Gaines: "Sincere Warfare"

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Coach Gaines: If you're gonna win this division, you're gonna have to beat Midland Lee. And there's a pack of wolves 15 miles from where I'm standin' right now that are gonna have a little somethin' to say about you takin' care of business. But we're gonna win State.

Now, if you wanna win State, you're gonna have to beat a team of giants, a team of monsters over in Dallas that outweigh you by about 30 pounds a man. And they will run you over -- I guarantee ya.

Now, Dallas Carter, they'll take your homes.

They'll burn 'em down.

They'll eat your dogs.

Dallas Carter will wreck you -- and that's a fact.

It's a good day, gentlemen. It's a good day to think about responsibility.

It's a good day to ask yourself a couple of questions.

It's a good day, gentlemen, to ask yourselves if, on a personal level, you're willin' to accept that.

If you're willin' to accept the responsibility you have to protect this team, this school, and this town. And make no mistake about it gentlemen, we are in the business of winning. We are in the business of protectin' this town.

The expectations couldn't be any higher: We will win State.

This is real sincere warfare.

Can you be perfect?

Research Note: Image (reduced) of 1988 Permian High School Panther Football Team used with permission from the Odessa American photo department.

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