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Gandhi Advocates Policy of Nonviolence [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Gandhi Addresses Indian National Congress [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Gandhi To British Authorities: "It Is Time You Left" [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi Address the People of India [VIDEO!]


Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Addresses Maine Soldiers on What We're Fighting For [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


General Meridius: Address to the Roman Cavalry [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Proximo: 1st Address to his Gladiators [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Proximo: Address to Gladiators Prior to First Battle [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

General Meridius: Coliseum Address to Commodus [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


Colonel Robert Gould Shaw Meets the 54th MA Regiment [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Colonel Robert Shaw Reads Proclamation of the Confederate Congress [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

General George Crockett Strong Discusses the Strategic Necessity of Capturing Fort Wagner [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

54th Regiment's Prayer Meeting on the Eve of the Battle of Fort Wagner [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Gods and Generals

General Robert E. Lee Accepts Command of the Citizen Army of Virginia [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

"Stonewall" Jackson Addresses the 33rd Virginia Regiment [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

"Stonewall" Jackson Addresses Virginia's 1st Brigade [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Colonel Joshua Chamberlain Recounts Julius Caesar's Rubicon Crossing [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Colonel Joshua Chamberlain Delivers Abolition Speech [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Good Night and Good Luck

E.R. Murrow Address the Radio-Television News Directors Association & Foundation [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Senator Joseph McCarthy Attacks Edward R. Murrow on CBS's See It Now  [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Good Will Hunting

Debate at the "Bow and Arrow" (Harvard) Bar VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Henry V

Henry V St. Crispin's Day Address [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


Coach Norman Dale Introduces the 1952 Hickory High School Huskers Basketball Team [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Coach Norman Dale's Pre-Game Motivational Speech Before State Regional Finals Game [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Indiana State High School Championship Game: Husker Team Pre-Talk and Prayer [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Independence Day

President's Address to the U.S. Fighter Pilots [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Inherit the Wind

Colonel Drummond Interrogates Matthew Brady on the Scientific Authority of the Bible [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Iron Man

Obadiah Stane Addresses Stark Industry Scientists [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AR-XE AUDIO!]

It's a Wonderful Life

George Bailey Addresses the Bailey Bldg. & Loan Board

George Bailey Addresses the People at Bailey Bldg. & Loan


Jack addresses his Graduating Class [VIDEO + Digital Audio]

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire: 'Flipper' Speech [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Jerry Maguire: 'I Miss my Wife' [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


Sermon on the Plain [VIDEO!]

Jesus of Nazareth

The Beatitudes [VIDEO!]

Judgment at Nuremberg

Ernst Janning Confesses his Guilt [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Hans Rolf Delivers Closing Argument for the Defense [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Judge Haywood Delivers the Decision of the Court [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Julius Caesar

Brutus Addresses Roman Citizenry on the Death of Julius Caesar [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Marc Antony Addresses Roman Citizenry on the Death of Julius Caesar [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Kingdom of Heaven

Balian of Ibelin Addresses the People of Jerusalem [VIDEO!]

Knute Rockne: All American

Knute Rockne: '...just win one for the Gipper

Ladder 49

Captain Mike Kennedy Eulogizes Jack Morrison [VIDEO!]

Lean on Me

Principal Clark Addresses Staff: 'This is not a damn democracy' [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Principal Clark Addresses Students on 'the New East Side High' [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Principal Clark Addresses Parents on Expulsion of Students [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Principal Clark Addresses Students on the Basic Skills Test [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods Delivers Speech at Harvard Law School's 1994 Graduation Ceremony [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

LOTR: Return of the King

Aragorn II Delivers Battle Speech at the Black Gate of Mordor [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


Luther's Defense at the Imperial Diet at Worms [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

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