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9th Earl Spencer: Eulogy for Princess Diana
Transcript of Address
American Rhetoric YouTube

Speech of the Week

Adlai Stevenson

Campaign Speech Supporting John F. Kennedy

delivered 27 September 1960

"It has been said -- and it makes me more humble than proud -- that in the last two campaigns, there was a new awakening of political purpose on the part of many Americans...The job now is to make those principals as effective in the nation as they are here, to advance the simple virtues of talking sense, of telling the truth, in public."

"We have a candidate who does talk sense and who does tell the truth, and who will make our democratic principles effective, and thatís why I will do everything that I can to elect Jack Kennedy President of the United States. I have confidence that he will bring vision and vitality back to Washington in nineteen hundred and sixty-one, the kind of vision and vitality that you witnessed on that debate last night."

"The candidates are anything but alike, thank goodness, and it is no exaggeration to say that the very future of freedom in the world could depend upon the outcome of this election."

"You know in many ways, I thought that [the Republican National Convention] was the most interesting Convention Iíd ever witnessed. First Mr. Nixon swallowed Governor Rockefellerís platform and then Governor Rockefeller swallowed Nixon. And then, Senator Goldwater swallowed both of them. And then, President Eisenhower swallowed all of them."

"[It has been said that] 'the gentleman uses two languages; one for the hour of courtship and another for the years of possession.' I say that Republicans must live in constant dread of not remembering which promises they are supposed to forget, if by any chance they are elected."

Text and Audio of Address

American Rhetoric Exclusive: Colombia, Summer 2016 -- A Visual Rhetoric in Still and Moving Images

Barack Obama: National African-American Museum Dedication Address [w/ AudioXE and Video]

Joseph McCarthy: CBS 'See It Now' Prosecution of E.R. Murrow [Entire Video Added]

Dan Geer: 1997 Opening Statement to Congress on Computer Security [Video Added]

Barack Obama: Final Presidential Address to the United Nations General Assembly [w/ AudioXE and Video]

Tom Brokaw: National WWII Memorial Dedication Ceremony Address [w/ Audio]

George W. Bush: Iraq Strategy Address a the U.S. Naval Academy [w/ Audio]

Ted Cruz: Heritage Foundation Address on Internet Freedom [w/ Video]

George H.W. Bush: Address to the United Nations General Assembly 1991 [w/ Audio and Video]

Daniel Patrick Moynihan: On UN Resolution 3379 [w/ Audio]o]

Iraq War Speeches

12/15/11 Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Marks the End of Operation New Dawn

08/31/10 President's Oval Office Address Announcing End of Operation Iraqi Freedom

2/27/09 President's Address at Camp Lejeune on Ending the War in Iraq

10/12/07 General Ricardo Sanchez's Address to Military Reporters and Editors

9/13/07 President's Address to the Nation on Moving Forward in Iraq

9/10/07 General David Petraeus' Opening Statement to Congress on the Status in Iraq

7/12/07 President's Press Conference on Iraq War

1/10/07 President's Address to the Nation on Troop Increase

9/11/06 President's National Address on Five-Year Anniversary of 9/11

12/18/05 President's National Address in Oval Office

2/4/05 L. Paul Bremer: TD Waterhouse Conference Keynote Address

2/02/05 President's 2005 State of the Union Address

1/30/05 President's Address Following Democratic Election in Iraq

10/4/04 Donald Rumsfeld's Address to the Council on Foreign Relations

4/13/04 President's Prime Time News Conference on Iraq War

4/8/04 Condoleezza Rice: 9/11 Commission Opening Statement

1/20/04 President's 2004 State of the Union Address

12/14/03 President Announces Capture of Saddam Hussein

5/01/03 President Announces End of Combat Ops in Iraq

Ashleigh Banfield: Landon Lecture at Kansas State University

4/13/04 President's Prime Time Press Conference on Iraq War

4/10/03 President and UK Prime Minister Addresses to the Peoples of Iraq

4/03/03 President's Address at Camp Lejeune

3/19/03 Senator Robert Byrd: The Arrogance of Power

3/19/03 President's Address to the Nation: Initial Ops in Iraq

3/17/03 President's Ultimatum to Saddam

2/05/03 Colin Powell's Address to the UN Security Council

1/28/03 President's State of the Union Address

8/26/02 Vice President Cheney's Address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars 103rd National Convention

2/02/02 Paul Wolfowitz's Address at the 38th Verkunde Conference

1/29/02 President's State of the Union Address

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