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SSG Ryan Pitts: Medal of Honor Acceptance
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Speech of the Week

Benjamin S. Carson

National Prayer Breakfast Address

"Now, itís not my intention to offend anyone. I have discovered, however, in recent years that itís very difficult to speak to a large group of people these days and not offend someone. And people walk around with their feelings on their shoulders, waiting for you to say something -- 'Ah, did you hear that?!' And they can't hear anything else you say."

Iím very passionate about education because itís made such a big difference in my life...My wife and I started the Carson Scholars Fund 16 years ago, after we heard about a survey -- an international survey -- looking at the ability of eighth graders in 22 countries to solve math and science problems. And we came out number 21 out of 22 -- barely beat out number 22. Very concerning.

We started giving out scholarships to students from all backgrounds for superior academic performance and demonstration of humanitarian qualities. Unless you cared about other people, it didnít matter how smart you were. Weíve got plenty of people like that. We donít need those. We need smart people who care about other people. We would give them money. The money would go into a Trust. They would get interest on it. And when they went to college they'd get the money.

But also the school gets a trophy, every bit as impressive as any sports trophy. It goes right out there with the others. They get a medal. They get to go to a -- a banquet. And we try to put them on the same kind of a pedestal as we do the All-State athletes.

Text and Audio of Address

Samantha Power: United Nations Statement on the Downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 [w/ Audio]

Barack Obama: On the Downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 [w/ AudioXE and Video]

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William Lynn III: DOD Cyber Strategy Address [w/ AudioXE and Video]

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Tom Wheeler: National Cable and Telecommunications Association Conference Keynote Address [w/ Video]

Vice Adm Michael S. Rogers: Opening Statement Before the Senate Armed Services Committee [w/ AudioXE and Video]

Matthew McConaughey: Oscar Award for Male in a Leading Role Acceptance Speech [w/ AudioXE and Video]

Iraq War Speeches

12/15/11 Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta Marks the End of Operation New Dawn

08/31/10 President's Oval Office Address Announcing End of Operation Iraqi Freedom

2/27/09 President's Address at Camp Lejeune on Ending the War in Iraq

10/12/07 General Ricardo Sanchez's Address to Military Reporters and Editors

9/13/07 President's Address to the Nation on Moving Forward in Iraq

9/10/07 General David Petraeus' Opening Statement to Congress on the Status in Iraq

7/12/07 President's Press Conference on Iraq War

1/10/07 President's Address to the Nation on Troop Increase

9/11/06 President's National Address on Five-Year Anniversary of 9/11

12/18/05 President's National Address in Oval Office

2/4/05 L. Paul Bremer: TD Waterhouse Conference Keynote Address

2/02/05 President's 2005 State of the Union Address

1/30/05 President's Address Following Democratic Election in Iraq

10/4/04 Donald Rumsfeld's Address to the Council on Foreign Relations

4/13/04 President's Prime Time News Conference on Iraq War

4/8/04 Condoleezza Rice: 9/11 Commission Opening Statement

1/20/04 President's 2004 State of the Union Address

12/14/03 President Announces Capture of Saddam Hussein

5/01/03 President Announces End of Combat Ops in Iraq

Ashleigh Banfield: Landon Lecture at Kansas State University

4/13/04 President's Prime Time Press Conference on Iraq War

4/10/03 President and UK Prime Minister Addresses to the Peoples of Iraq

4/03/03 President's Address at Camp Lejeune

3/19/03 Senator Robert Byrd: The Arrogance of Power

3/19/03 President's Address to the Nation: Initial Ops in Iraq

3/17/03 President's Ultimatum to Saddam

2/05/03 Colin Powell's Address to the UN Security Council

1/28/03 President's State of the Union Address

8/26/02 Vice President Cheney's Address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars 103rd National Convention

2/02/02 Paul Wolfowitz's Address at the 38th Verkunde Conference

1/29/02 President's State of the Union Address

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