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Queen Gorgo Addresses the Spartan Council [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Dilios' Battle Call at Plataea [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

A Beautiful Mind

John Nash: 1994 Nobel Prize Acceptance Address [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Lincoln-Douglas Debate [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Adam's Rib

Doris Attinger Testifies on Husband's Murder [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Amanda Bonner Delivers Closing Arguments [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

A Few Good Men

Colonel Nathan R. Jessep Addresses the Court on "Code Red" [VIDEO]

Air Force One

President Marshall Delivers Surprise Anti-Terrorism Speech in Moscow [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

A Knight's Tale

Geoffrey Chaucer: First Declamation [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Geoffrey Chaucer: Second Declamation [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Geoffrey Chaucer: Third Declamation [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Geoffrey Chaucer: Final Declamation [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


Ali Defends His Decision Not to Participate in Military Draft Induction [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Ali's Historic and Monumental Moment with Howard Cosell [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

All The King's Men

Willie Stark Campaigns for Governor [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Newly Elected Governor Willie Stark Addresses the People [VIDEO!]

All Quiet on the Western Front

Professor Kantorek Preaches the Glory of the Fatherland [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Paul Baumer Addresses Students on the Horrors of War [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

A Man for All Seasons

Sir Thomas More Addresses the Court [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


John Quincy Adams Addresses the U.S. Supreme Court [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

The Decision of the U.S. Supreme Court [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

An Ideal Husband

Sir Robert Chiltern's Address to Parliament [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

A Streetcar Named Desire



"Col. Miles Quaritch: Old School Briefing on Pandora [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Brian's Song

Gale Sayers Addresses Team on Brian Piccolo's Cancer [VIDEO +  DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Gale Sayers George S. Halas Award for Courage Address [VIDEO +  DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Chariots of  Fire

Master of Caius: Cambridge University Freshman Class Address [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Eric Liddell Host Speech at the Scottish Folk Festival [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Eric Liddell Evangelical Speech at the Scotland vs. Ireland Races [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Eric Liddell Preaches at the Church of Scotland

Citizen Kane

Charles Kane on the Enquirer's Success [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Citizen Kane Campaigns for Governor! [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

City Hall

Mayor Pappas Eulogizes James Bone [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


"All Oppressed People Should be Allowed Refuge in America"  [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


Eleanor Arroway Testifies About Her Experience [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Cool Hand Luke

Carr "The Floor-Walker" Explains the Rules of the House [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

"A Failure to Communicate" [VIDEO!]

Crimson Tide

Captain Ramsey Addresses the Crew of the USS Alabama [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Deep Impact

President Beck Delivers 'Let Us Begin' Address [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]


Queen Elizabeth Addresses Rival Clergy on a Unified Church of England [VIDEO!]

Field of Dreams


Fight Club

Tyler Durden Addresses the Club  [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Friday Night Lights

Coach Gaines: Sincere Warfare Speech [DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

Coach Gaines:: On ''Being Perfect' [VIDEO + DIGITALLY ENHANCED AUDIO!]

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Nelson Mandela Addresses Staff

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10 Things I Hate About You

A Few Good Men

A Time To Kill


 Fight Club

Good Will Hunting

On Any Given Sunday

The Princess Diaries

Scent Of A Woman

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