William Seeley

Press Conference Remarks on Winning Powerball Jackpot

delivered 13 August 2013, Toms River, NJ

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My fellow Americans...

This...This is my best outfit.

As most of you all know we just had -- it's not there but a tornado went through the town just north of where where I lived. And I was out on the fire truck so I was a little late getting here today.

And I met with Barb.

I lost my mom to cancer and my dad's going through it right now and I -- that was the first place where I stopped was pop's house.

Started crying in front of him and told him I loved him and you've got nothing to worry about now except getting better, so we're a happy bunch of group.

We're a very, happy, happy, happy,1 as some of my friends would say.

We've got some great camping at Bakers Acres Campground down by the shore. I had to plug that in, you know.

I'm just going to continue watching NASCAR racing on Sunday. Maybe I'll be at my log cabin on multiple acres of land and I don't want to be -- I could stay up here and talk to y'all. I didn't do it.

Audience member: You've got to pay for it....

Seeley: I think I can afford it maybe more air conditioning in here. but....I would just like to thank everybody. Everybody's been so overwhelming to us all and it's -- it's happy, happy, happy.

Thank you.

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