Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Address to the Indigenous Peoples of Russia

delivered 29 September 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine


[as translated from the Ukrainian language by the Ukrainian Govt]

Peoples of the Caucasus!

Now I am in that part of Kyiv, where Imam Shamil, the hero of Dagestan and the entire Caucasus, lived in the 1860s. As you can see, Ukraine knows how to honor your heroes. We preserve the memory of those places that combined the cultures of our peoples.

This is the center of our capital. One of the hundreds of Ukrainian cities against which the Russian authorities direct missiles, bombs and troops. The Caucasus knows what this means. The Caucasus saw it.

For 218 days, we have been defending ourselves against those who have more missiles and people than we do, but who are completely devoid of decency. This is a vile war on the part of Russia, a criminal one. And we do everything to protect our people and the independence of Ukraine. This is our sacred duty. Duty to our parents. Duty to our children. Duty to all generations of our people -- those who lived and those who will live on our land. We don't need what’s not ours!

Already 58,500 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine. They came to kill us and died. You are not told this number. You are being lied to about the alleged death toll of about six thousand. 58.5! That's the truth. All of them died because one person wanted this war. Only one, which many people serve.

Peoples of the Caucasus! All peoples on the territory of Russia! You have no reason to be among these many who still serve the one who wants this war. You do not have to die in Ukraine. Your sons do not have to die in Ukraine. You have no such obligation. Not to your parents, not to your children, not to your future, not to the future of your land. And you know it.

We see that you are resisting the criminal mobilization with which the Russian authorities want to cover up their failure. The failure of their regular army, their criminal orders. You are being lied to that there are allegedly no such failures.

Instead of ending the senseless war for Russia, the Russian authorities are trying to send new people to replace the dead. What awaits them all? You know the answer.

Ukraine will continue to defend itself and will win in this war waged against us. Because we are on our land. The truth is on our side. And the whole civilized world is with us. We are fighting for what is true for any people on the planet -- for life and freedom, for the right to happiness for all our families, for all our children.

Russia was left alone. It is already isolated and will be condemned for this war. "Anyone who raises a weapon against the truth raises it to his own destruction," the Kremlin seems not to be aware of these words by Imam Shamil. But these words should be known in the Caucasus. They should be heard in Siberia and in all other lands from which people are being sent to this war.

And now there’s mobilization. Fight to avoid death! Defend your freedom now in the streets and squares, so that later you don't have to fight in the mountains and forests simply for your right to live, when the Russian authorities start the next waves of mobilization.

Did you believe that they would take only 300 thousand people? The one who started this war will not stop at the first wave of mobilization, there will be more. He will try to take other lives as well.

He doesn’t care about people. He respects neither the living nor the dead.

Thousands of bodies of dead Russian soldiers from various regions remain in Ukraine. They rot in the fields, they are stored in morgues.

Those that were not burned by the Russian army itself. The only army in the world that carries around mobile crematoria to dispose of the bodies of its fallen soldiers when it has time to do so. But now it is fleeing so fast that it even leaves tanks and MLRS behind, not just the bodies of the dead.

Just think about what it has come to! We are forced to start informational work on conveying to the citizens of Russia, who are being mobilized now, a special thesis: at least get a tattoo with your name and surname so that we know how to find your relatives when you are killed and do not even have an army token with you. The Russian authorities send people to this war without army tokens, often without documents! They do this on purpose to make it easier to lie to you about how many people actually die here. This is their special operation. Special operation on lies, terror, extermination of indigenous peoples.

During the first week of criminal mobilization, more men fled from Russia than the Russian authorities were officially going to send to war. And how does the Kremlin react to this? It is sending troops to the border of Russia against the very citizens of Russia! This is a disgrace! And lies with some sham referenda, with some confessions and annexations will end in even greater disgrace for Russia.

No one has to take part in a disgraceful war. Dagestanis do not have to die in Ukraine. Chechens, Ingush, Ossetians, Circassians and any other peoples who came under the Russian flag. In total, almost 200 different peoples. You know who sends them to Ukraine. The one who sends wants to make them Cargo 200.

Do you want that? No? I'm sure you want to live. I'm sure you're tired of being lied to. I’m sure you know that it is necessary to fight now!

In order for Russian citizens to go to war, they are artificially driven into poverty. Into loans. People are intimidated by repressions, harassed by propaganda. You can change it. You just need to understand who is a real symbol for you, who is a hero for you, who is the pride of your history, and who just wants to take advantage of you.

Fight! And you are sure to win!

Original Text and Image Source: president.gov.ua/en

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