Stephen Curry

Remarks at the White House Ceremony Honoring the 2022 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors

delivered 17 January 2022, White House, Washington, D.C.

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President Biden: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Seth Curry.

Stephen Curry: Thank you for that, President Biden, Vice President Harris, the entire White -- White House staff. Thank you all for welcoming us here.

The entire Warriors organization, every teammate, every coach, front office, executive staff, everybody thatís here celebrating with us. We are a team. We do it together. And to be able to celebrate our championship together with you here, it means a lot to bring that trophy here. It means a lot.

I think we were here seven years ago for our first championship. So, to have another opportunity to be here, it means -- it means the world. We had a connection obviously with your former boss, President Obama, with his Chicago ties and watching Coach Kerr and celebrating championships there.

But there is a connection to you. I know you grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. And thatís two hours away from Philly, which is where the Warriors organization began. In 1946, we won our first championship. So í46 has a nice ring with him -- with you as the 46th President. So that is a great connection there.

And then, obviously, Vice President Harris representing Oakland, representing the Bay Area the way that we do every time we step foot on the court. What youíve been able to do here in D.C., it means -- means the world.

Vice President Harris: Thank you.

Mr. Curry: So, you are, I know, a huge fan. And youíre loud with it, too. And we -- we love that.  So, we appreciate you. Keep doing --

Vice President Harris: Thank you.

Mr. Curry: No, itís --

Vice President Harris: Yeah.

Mr. Curry: We love that. We love that spirit. And we want to continue to make you proud with everything that we do.

Vice President Harris: Thank you.

Mr. Curry: And, again, for us to be here -- to find the common synergies within, you know, what we do on the court and what we represent. And when it comes to providing hope, inspiration, belief to everybody that watches us play, thatís what you do in your roles leading our country.

And to continue to do exactly what you said -- do things together, continue to preach that message -- thatís -- thatís what weíre all about, and obviously in the pursuit of winning championships and doing amazing things.

We brought some gifts for you. We have two jerseys -- a number 46 and a number 49 -- that we would love to have you a part of Dub Nation forever.  And maybe find it maybe on the wall in the Oval Office or in your office.

That would be -- weíll come back -- hopefully, weíll be able to come back and check and see if itís up there. But -- I want to say, again, thank you for letting us be here to celebrate. And for our families, our staff, everybody here on the stage, it means the world. And hopefully this isnít the last time.

So, thank you.

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