White House Conference On Aging

Senior Citizen's Charter

Printed 15 May 1961

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Rights of Senior Citizens

Each of our Senior Citizens regardless of race, color, or creed, is entitled to:

(1) The right to be useful.

(2) The right to obtain employment, based on merit.

(3) The right to freedom from want in old age.

(4) The right to a fair share of the community's recreational, educational, and medical resources.

(5) The right to obtain decent housing suited to needs of later years.

(6) The right to the moral and financial support of one's family so far as is consistent with the best interest of the family.

(7) The right to live independently, as one chooses.

(8) The right to live and die with dignity.

(9) The right of access to all knowledge as available on how to improve the later years of life.


Obligations of the Aging

The aging, by availing themselves of educational opportunities, should endeavor to assume the following obligations to the best of their ability:

 (1) The obligation of each citizen to prepare himself to become and resolve to remain active, alert, capable, self-supporting, and useful so long as health and circumstances permit and to plan for ultimate retirement.

(2) The obligation to learn and apply sound principles of physical and mental health.

(3) The obligation to seek and develop potential avenues of service in the years after retirement.

(4) The obligation to make available the benefits and experience of his knowledge.

(5) The obligation to endeavor to make himself adaptable to the changes added years will bring.

(6) The obligation to attempt to maintain such relationships with family, neighbors, and friends as will make him a respected and valued counselor throughout his later years.

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