Dennis Rodman and the Art of the (Metaphoric) Screen

Phase #3: So, you've seen how language acts as a filter or "screen" through which truth is both colored and experienced. Language screens filter truth in the way that different shades of glasses filter light. Consider, then, in light of what you've seen, the following questions:

Qa: Is there really such a thing as "pure truth" when considered in light of how humans use and abuse language?"

Qb: Is the "truth" merely a matter of "reporting" the "facts?"

Qc: Had you been an eye witness, would your version of this drama constitute the truth? On which view of/from language?

Rhetorical Lesson: Whatever counts as truth is, in part, a function of the way we use language to exert persuasive (i.e., rhetorical) influence over others. Truth, in this view, is both process and product of our rhetorical practices.

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