Diacope: Figure of repetition in the same word or phrase occurs on either side of an intervening word or phrase; word/phrase x, ..., word/phrase x.


"The people everywhere, not just here in Britain, everywhere -- they kept faith with Princess Diana."

-- Tony Blair

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"Another of the men on the democrat candidate's camp is Archibald Macleish. Stevenson's biography on page 77 states that Macleish was the man who brought him into the State Department. It's his own biography. Now Stevenson has him as an advisor. How about this man Macleish? He's got perhaps the longest record of affiliation with communist fronts of any man that I have ever named in Washington. And Adlai says, 'Judge me by the friends I select.' To that I say, amen, Adlai, amen.

-- delivered by Joseph R. McCarthy, On Communism and Adlai Stevenson

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"Patience, lago, patience."

-- delivered by Jonathan Freeman (from the movie Aladdin)

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"And we read, incredible as it seems, we read of survivors struggling in the water...."

-- Peter Marshall (on the Titanic tragedy)

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"Confidence is high -- I repeat -- confidence is high."

-- from the movie War Games

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