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"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence" (1962)


Major Cassius Starbuckle Nominates Buck Langhorne at the Territorial Convention Session

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Chair: The Chair recognizes the Honorable Major Cassius Starbuckle -- soldier, jurist, and statesman.

Maj. Starbuckle: Mr. Chairman, fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen: I came here with a carefully prepared speech, but this is no time for oratory. Let me speak to you from the heart.

I come before you to place in nomination the name of a man more qualified than any other to represent you in Washington. Oh, you ill advised. Oh, you poorly counseled. Fly not in the face of heaven's handiwork. Join with us in supportin' the man who, for five terms in Congress, has kept this great territory inviolate.

I nominate for the territorial delegate to the Congress of the United States the right Honorable Constance Buck Langhorne.


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