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"Last Resort: Blue on Blue" (S1.E2, 2012)


Captain Marcus Chaplin Addresses Crew on Russian Spetsnaz Prisoner Policy


XO Sam Kendal: Alright, lock 'em up!

Seaman Michael Redman: Oh, hell no. They killed five of us, man. Five of our friends. Five of our people. No, these guys need wastin'.

XO Kendal: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Put your weapon down -- right now! Red, that's an order! Put it down!

Seaman Redman: An order? We're on a damn island, not a sub. So, excuse me if I'm not even sure what an order even means anymore!

Captain Marcus Chaplin: I know you didn't ask for this. I know you're all scared. And you're wondering what we're doing here, and how you're gonna get back home. And now you've lost friends, and you have blood lust in your hearts. Vengeance might give you some satisfaction, but let me remind you who you are.

You are the American crew of the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, [USS] Colorado. Your rank is what it says on your collar. You salute the sailor above ya, and you expect the same of the one below. And your final duty is to say, "How high" when I say, "Jump." Are we clear?



USS Colorado Crew Members: Yes, sir!

CAPT Chaplin: Now, as Americans, there's no debate about the fate of our POWs. Lieutenant Shepard, secure the prisoners.

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