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"Ladder 49" (2004)



Captain Mike Kennedy Eulogizes Jack Morrison

Audio mp3 of Address delivered by John Travolta


Captain Kennedy: It's never an easy thing saying goodbye to a brother firefighter. It's not. And this time, particularly, it is difficult for me because I watched Jack grow into a, well, into one of the finest firefighters I've ever known.

He joined this department because he wanted to help people. Who knows how many homes are still standing because Jack was there, or how many lives were spared?

He gave his life for that cause.

We'll never forget you, Jack, and we are better for having known you. But I make you this one promise: Tomorrow, when that bell rings, we will be back on the truck, because you were the bravest of the brave.

People are always asking me: How is it that firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out?  Well, Jack, you answered that question by saving another man's life. Your courage is the answer.

And today, we will be as brave as you by not mourning you, but by celebrating your life.

So, I'd like everyone to stand up and celebrate the life of Jack Morrison.

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