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Gloria Bonalde Addresses Presidential Campaign Supporters in Caracas


Crowd: Bonalde! Bonalde! Bonalde! Bonalde! Bonalde!

Gloria Bonalde: Catia. I hear you!

My father drove a taxi and my mother taught as the neighborhood school. We weren't rich but they always put food on the table, even if that meant making sacrifices.

They were humble.

They were proud.


Today, extreme shortages of food and medicine make it impossible to have the same pride my parents once had.

Inflation makes our money worthless.

Blackouts throw our country into darkness.

Crime forces us to live in fear.


Venezuela is a rich country, not only in its natural resources. We have the largest oil reserve in the world.

And yet somehow, we don't have enough to feed our children. We're dying of hunger. Our resources, our wealth, our lifeblood is being sold behind our backs by a man who grew up in this very neighborhood.

President Reyes has betrayed us all! And he must be held accountable!

Crowd: Gloria! Gloria! Gloria! Gloria! Gloria!

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