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"Invictus" (2009)


President Mandela Addresses Staff on First Official Day as President

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Thank you for coming on such short notice. Some of you may know who I am.

I could not help noticing the empty offices as I came to work this morning; and all of the packing boxes.

Now, of course, if you want to leave, that is your right.

And if you feel in your heart that you cannot work with your new government, then it is better that you do leave, right away.

But if you are packing up because you fear that your language, or the color of your skin, or who you worked for before disqualifies you from working here, I am here to tell you: Have no such fear.

What is verby is verby. The past is the past.

We look to the future now.

We need your help. We want your help. If you would like to stay, you would be doing your country a great service.

All I ask is that you do your work to the best of your abilities, and with good heart. I promise to do the same.

If we can manage that, our country will be a shining light in the world.

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