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"Girls of the Sun" ("Les filles du soleil")


Bahar Addresses Her Pushmerga Unit


[as translated from the orig. Sorani]


[Our only options are to die or fight.]

Each of us must ask herself: "How long can I take it? If an enemy comes, will I be able to pull the trigger?"

The answer is yes.

You are capable of anything.

Your presence alone is a victory.

The very act of refusing oppression is a victory.

Fighting is a victory.

It's the enemy's turn to fear us because we fear no one. When they hear our female voices, they shake in fear.

We've been through the worst. What could be worse than that?

All they've killed is our fear.

With each sister who was captured, a warrior was born. And that's what they'll never understand: our rage to live.

Bahar: What will we do today?!

Corduene Unit: Fight!

Bahar: What will we do today?!!

Corduene Unit: Fight!!

Bahar: Victory or victory!

Corduene Unit: Victory or victory!!

Bahar: Who will take the lead?

Corduene Unit: We will!!

Bahar: Together, we will be stronger than fear!

Comrade Lamia: Women, Life, Liberty!!!

Bahar: Women, Life, Liberty!!

Corduene Unit: Women, Life, Liberty!!!

About the Movie: "[Loosely] based on true events in Iraqi Kurdistan. On Aug. 3, 2014, ISIS invaded Mt. Sinjar. Their goal: the Yazidi genocide. In 24 hours, 500,000 people fled. The rest were killed or captured. Resistance organized around the Yazidis, the Kurdish guerrillas and official army. The names of people, places and factions, as well as dates have been changed."

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