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Religious (Communication) Resources


The Barna Group: Research Data on Christian Belief & Behavior

Beliefnet: Religious News, Commentary and More

Bible Versions in Text

Bibles Versions in Audio

Catholic Resources

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Christian Rhetoric Resources

Christian Rhetoric Bibliography

Encyclopedia of Catholicism

Encyclopedia (Worldwide) of Christianity

Encyclopedia of Judaism

Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

The Evangelical Homiletics Society

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Institute for the Study of American Evangelicalism

Internet Sacred Text Archive

Islamic Theological and Motivational Speeches

John Henry Newman: The Idea of a University

Judaism and Christianity Resources Meta-site

Mahatma Gandhi Texts and Audio

Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Quran [text transliterations] [audio of most chapters]

Religion Gateway

Religious Books Online (University of Pennsylvania)

Sacred Texts

The American Chesterton Society

The Ecole Initiative

The Talmud (English)

The Tanakah (English)

The Vatican Web Site

Yahoo Religion and Spirituality Search Page